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Good Quality Paint Company

The Mylands family have been producing exceptional quality paint for over 135 years. More than six generations of master craftsmen have been perfecting our recipe, and now Mylands name is known for being a good quality paint company that produces thick, lustrous paint. We only use exceptional ingredients in our paints, such as natural earth pigments, which produce colours that are both beautiful to look at and kind to the environment.

We are one of the last remaining ‘London born and bred’ paint manufacturers, and the only decorative paint producer to be awarded the ultimate accolade, the Royal Warrant, a title our good paints are extremely deserving of.

Our Selection of Good Quality Paint

The Mylands colourists take pride in their craft, producing timeless colours that have both depth and richness. Our paints are exceptionally hard wearing but also aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, our good quality paint company produces over 160 colours, so we can be sure to offer an option for everyone’s tastes.

Choosing a paint is an important, and usually overwhelming task, especially when there are so many possible combinations. As a good quality paint company we know that the shade is just as important as the finish, so we make sure to perfect both.

At Mylands we have meticulously refined our three core collections: ‘Colours of London’ is a refined palette of 120 timeless colours, inspired by our home city, our ‘Greys and Neutrals’ range is 24 classic greys and soft pinks designed to capture a timeless aesthetic, and our ‘FTT’ collection is a nod to our friends in the film and television industry, who we have been exclusively making colours for, for many years.



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