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French Polish Thinners
N o Mylands

French Polish Thinners

Thinners used to reduce the viscosity brashing french polish.

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Although French Polish is the general term for all types of Shellac Polish, it is also a product in its own right. Mylands range contains many blends of Shellac Polish which have been developed over the years to fulfil various different requirements – some of which are slightly modified products for a specific purpose. They come in various depths of colour, which give the French Polisher latitude to choose the most appropriate product for the timber being polished.

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Product Information

These products are made from pure natural Shellac dissolved in alcohol solvent to give good clarity, build and ease of application. Most wood dyes and stains may be used prior to French Polishing. Shellac products are classed as non-convertible coatings, which mean that they will re-dissolve in solvents – even alcohol.

The durability of these products is generally only for light use and does not come up to the level of synthetic modern lacquers. It is therefore recommended to use place mats as both heat and alcohol will adversely affect the coating.

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