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Nitrostain Thinners

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Nitrostain Thinners are used to reduce the viscosity of Nitrostains

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Mylands Nitrostains have been formulated on a selected solvent blend to provide excellent application properties. Nitrostains are non grain raising. Due to formulation constraints, the light-fastness of light colours is poor. Light-fastness of medium to dark shades is satisfactory – apart from black which should only be used under tinted or pigmented lacquers.

Product Benefits

Allow 1 hour minimum at 20°C before overcoating.
On average per litre 10 m2 dependant on substrate porosity and method of application.

Product Information

The range of stains may be intermixed to give the precise shade required. Nitrostains may only be used under Shellac Polishes and Cellulose Lacquers. They may not be overcoated with Precatalysed, Acid Catalysed or Polyurethane Lacquers.

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