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Contrasts in Colour: Mylands Showcases Unconventional Colour Treatments

Customers are gaining confidence with colour and incorporating it in new ways in the home. Moving away from the conventional choice of off-white for woodwork, Mylands is seeing its customers opt for something more characterful to inject visual interest without overpowering the room. An easy to live with mid-tone wall can be dialled up with a high-contrast detailing, bringing personality to a space.

Walls in Soho House© No.266, SKIRTING & RADIATORS in Oratory® No.237, FLOORS IN Downing Street® No.10 

For high-glamour, nothing beats a glossy dark floor, seen here in the iconic Mylands Downing Street® No.10. Anchored by a darker, dramatic tone on the floor, a room's beautiful proportions and natural light can be highlighted. Adding another layer of interest, the skirting has been painted in the cool stone-like shades of Oratory No. 237.

The layered effect also works well in brighter shades; this charming baby's room uses a playful palette, contrasting the cheerful ochre yellow of Golden Square© N 0.131 against the light freshness of Lemon Salts® No-43, with pops of brightly coloured furniture and accessories.

For a fresh, modern feel, perennially popular off-whites such as the delicate Kensington Rose® N 0.22 can keep a space light and airy, while a high-contrast colour on the woodwork brings it edge. This inverted paint treatment creates a feeling of elegant contemporary chic.