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Mylands- high quality paint for over 135 years

With so many paint brands out there, it can be daunting to find the right quality paint for your paint job. Over 135 years and the skills of six generations of master craftsmen have been poured into Mylands’ secret paint recipe. The result is thick, lustrous paint with outstanding coverage, durability and opacity. If you want the best paint for your DIY project, you can rest assured that Mylands use the highest quality ingredients, such as natural earth pigments, to produce colours for your home that are both beautiful to look at and kind to the environment. Founded in Lambeth in 1884, Mylands is the last remaining London born and bred paint manufacturer and was even awarded the coveted Royal Warrant.

Quality paint for your painting project

A fresh coat of paint can transform your home, and if you’re going to take the time to paint your living room, bedroom or even the exterior of your house, it makes sense to invest in quality paint. High quality paint is more durable, making it resistant to mildew, fingerprints and fading. When you choose good quality paint, it could save you money too as you’ll often need less coats thanks to the pigments. The higher the paint quality, the higher the pigments, with greater pigmentation resulting in greater depth, coverage and colour.

Inspired by London​​​​

Choose our Colours of London range for a glorious range of paint colours inspired by the British capital. Whether you select the classic Mayfair Dark No. 218, a sophisticated, inviting blue. A delicate Holland Park No. 5 that evokes period charm. Or even a rich, warm Dulwich Red, introduce a glimpse of London life into your home. 

Choosing the righ​​​​t paint colour

The best way to select a paint colour is to think about the feeling you wish to evoke. Do you want to make the space feel warm and cosy, fresh and light or sophisticated and decadent? Use this to guide your colour choice, ordering a small sample paint can in your chosen Mylands shade and using your paint brushes to create swatches of colour to place in the area to be painted. Observing the colour swatches at different times of day allows you to see the effect of light and shade on your paint choice, so you can make sure you’re picked the right one.

Interior paint

Each of Mylands’ 160 unique colours come in a range of interior and exterior finishes. For interior painting, it’s useful to consider whether it’s a high traffic area, as this can influence the type of paint you should use. Our Marble Matt Emulsion is a water based acrylic emulsion that is environmentally friendly, as an alternative to solvent based paints. It’s fast drying so you can apply one coat and then another if needed all in the same day, and also washable, making it ideal for kitchens and other interior walls. Think about the paint finish you would prefer for your home, our Marble Matt Emulsion combines durability with depth of colour and is ideal for interior walls, ceilings and bathrooms. For wood and metal, take your pick from matt, eggshell or gloss paint. And for kitchens and bathrooms wood surfaces, there is our Quick Drying Varnish- it’s also suitable for exterior use too.


For a beautiful, flawless finish to the exterior of your home, you need a good paint like Mylands Exterior Masonry paint. The choice of decorators, not only is our exterior paint environmentally friendly, it’s low VOC paint (Volatile Organic Compounds), weatherproof, hardwearing, and available in almost all of the 120 Colours of London range, so you can add London inspired kerb appeal to your home too. With all of these fantastic paint colours, it’s easier than ever to find the right paint for your painting job with Mylands.



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