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Grey paint colours

Grey paint colours

Grey paint has become a new neutral - greige is the term. But grey walls are anything but dull. Their versatility lies in the range of undertones. Cool greys have blue undertones, whilst warm greys contain brown. With so many shades of grey paint colour varying from pebble, pale grey to the warmer taupe or dark grey, you’ll find the ideal interior or exterior paint for you. Explore our grey paint colours below.

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Brushstroke of Amber Grey No.156, a Faded Grey Paint Amber Grey™ No.156
N o .156

Amber Grey™ No.156

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Brushstroke of Archway House No.106, a Warm Grey Paint Archway House™ No.106
N o .106

Archway House™ No.106

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Brushstroke of Artillery Ground No.164, a Green Brown Paint Artillery Ground™ No.164
N o .164

Artillery Ground™ No.164

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Brushstroke of Birdcage Walk No.117, a Brown Grey Paint Birdcage Walk™ No.117
N o .117

Birdcage Walk™ No.117

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Brushstroke of Blackout No.41, a Blackout Paint Blackout™ No.41
N o .41

Blackout™ No.41

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Brushstroke of Chambers Gate™ No.85, a Classic Grey Paint Chambers Gate™ No.85
N o .85

Chambers Gate™ No.85

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Brushstroke of Crace No.16, a Dark Grey Paint Crace™ No.16
N o .16

Crace™ No.16

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Brushstroke of Drury Lane No.115, a Battleship Grey Paint Drury Lane™ No.115
N o .115

Drury Lane™ No.115

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Brushstroke of Empire Grey No.171, a Chalky Grey Paint Empire Grey™ No.171
N o .171

Empire Grey™ No.171

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Equinox JB.08 A metal tin of coloured paint Equinox JB08
JB .08

Equinox JB.08

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Brushstroke of Flanders Grey No.110, an Olive Green Grey Paint Flanders Grey™ No.110
N o .110

Flanders Grey™ No.110

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Brushstroke of FTT-014, a Lead Grey Paint FTT-014™ - Iron Grey
FTT .014

FTT-014™ - Iron Grey

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Brushstroke of FTT-015, a Smart Muted Brown Paint FTT-015™ - Raw Umber
FTT .015

FTT-015™ - Raw Umber

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Grail JB.02 A metal tin of coloured paint Grail JB02
JB .02

Grail JB.02

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Brushstroke of Gravel Lane No.169, a Versatile Mid Grey Paint Gravel Lane™ No.169
N o .169

Gravel Lane™ No.169

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Brushstroke of Grays Inn No.167, a Warm Light Grey Paint Grays Inn™ No.167
N o .167

Grays Inn™ No.167

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Brushstroke of Grey Ochre No.152, a Cool Mid Grey Paint Grey Ochre™ No.152
N o .152

Grey Ochre™ No.152

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Haar JB.09 A metal tin of coloured paint Haar JB09
JB .09

Haar JB.09

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Brushstroke of Hoxton Grey No.72, a Neutral Dark Grey Paint Hoxton Grey™ No.72
N o .72

Hoxton Grey™ No.72

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Brushstroke of Ionic No.87, a Clay Colour Paint Ionic™ No.87
N o .87

Ionic™ No.87

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