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Stain Block Primer

Mylands Stain Block Primer is a shellac-based primer/sealer primarily intended for interior use to seal in any surface contaminant on a substrate which might ‘bleed’ through a conventional lacquer or paint coating.

It may be used on most wood or wood-based substrates so is ideal for the furniture/joinery trades. It may also be used on porous substrates, such as plaster on walls or ceilings, and many other substrates.

For the Wood-working Trades, Stain Block Primer will seal in stains from water damage, dark colours, oil, grease, knots, sap streaks, tannin bleed etc. On other substrates it will seal in stains from rust, crayon, ink, marker pens, graffiti, nicotine etc.
Stain Block Primer seals uncoated surfaces so that subsequent coats of lacquer or paint have better coverage and ‘holdout’ - thus giving a possible saving in number of coats required for a full finish.

Stain Block Primer may be applied directly over glossy surfaces without the need for sanding. It may also be used over sound non-porous wallcoverings to conceal patterns or dark colours prior to painting.

Product details:

  • Use Mylands Stain Block Primer when air and surface temperature are between 0° and 32°C and relative humidity is below 70%.
  • The moisture content of the substrate should be less than 12%.
  • Stain Block Primer is Highly Flammable, so eliminate all sources of ignition in the area where it is to be used – use in well ventilated area. Stain Block Primer may be applied by conventional painting methods such as brush, roller or paint-pad – natural or synthetic fibre.
  • One coat of Stain Block Primer should prove sufficient, but on persistent stains a second application may be necessary.
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  • Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L containers
  • Approximate coverage is 10-12m2 per litre


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