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Exterior paint & design ideas


Using colour on exterior masonry, woodwork or garden accessories can be a fun way to experiment with bold new colour palettes.

When it comes to painting any exterior, be it woodwork, metalwork or masonry, preparation is key. To get the best effect, make sure  surfaces are smooth, bump and dirt free before applying a primer and the final choice of colour.

JB11 Murmuration (Railings) - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:9b339b09-f50b-493b-b211-af3ddead9a84

Metal Railing in Murmuration JB.11

JB01 Blomster (Chair and Bench); JB12 Woodnight (Table) - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:9b09f50b-193b-4211-af3d-dead9a84ee88

Wooden Chair and Bench in Blomster JB.01; Table in Woodnight JB.12

JB03 Rain (Door) - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:193bf211-af3d-4ead-9a84-ee88afb37ca7

Door in Rain JB.03

second house in Notting Hill No.213

Front door in Lambeth Walk No.210

JB06 Sprig (Bench) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:ae34c885-4f70-45df-9c0e-28f0e0f932cf

bench in Sprig JB.06

JB03 Rain (Shutters and Windowframe)) - Newsletter and web (1).jpg__PID:854f70f5-df5c-4e28-b0e0-f932cf98f6a5

Window Shutters and Frame in Rain JB.03

JB09 Haar (Bench) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:34c8854f-70f5-4f5c-8e28-f0e0f932cf98

Bench in Haar JB.09

JB11 Murmuration (Railings) - Newsletter and web landscape (1).jpg__PID:f6a51504-277d-47f9-9b91-cf64884ab64b

Metal Railing in Murmuration JB.11

JB01 Blomster (Bench); JB10 Cragside (Walls & Flooring); JB05 Cooper's Earth (Windowframe) - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:1504277d-17f9-4b91-8f64-884ab64baa6d

Panelling in Cragside JB.10 and Bench in Blomster JB.01

Arts Club® No.281 __Door traits_Mylands_P1 - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:74589aa1-9b33-4b09-b50b-193bf211af3d

Front door in arts club No.281

JB11 Murmuration (Railings) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:f92f009b-b360-46d0-965e-a6414add4b9c

Metal Railings in Murmuration JB.11

Front door in Market Green No.39

JB05 Cooper's Earth (Windowframe) and JB12 Woodnight (Railing) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:b21d3e62-0155-4614-9bcb-10ec53c52fc4

Window Frame in Cooper's Earth JB.05; Metal Railing in Woodnight JB.12

JB01 Blomster (Birdhouse) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:a795f874-82ce-4816-8fa5-9670cee36346

Birdhouse in Blomster JB.01