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White paint colours

White paint colours

Fresh, white paint is key to a smart home. But there’s more to a white wall than pure brilliant white. Add extra dimension by combining matt paint on walls with gloss paint on woodwork. Try matt emulsion paint on kitchen walls with high gloss on cabinetry. White furniture paint will reinvigorate tired chairs, shelving, wardrobes and beyond.

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Brushstroke of Acanthus Leaf No.12, an Off White Paint With Yellow Undertones Acanthus Leaf™ No.12
N o .12

Acanthus Leaf™ No.12

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Brushstroke of Belgravia No.6, a Warm White Paint Belgravia™ No.6
N o .6

Belgravia™ No.6

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Brushstroke of Charterhouse No.4, a Snow White Paint Charterhouse™ No.4
N o .4

Charterhouse™ No.4

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Brushstroke of Cotton Street No.3, a Cool White Paint Cotton Street™ No.3
N o .3

Cotton Street™ No.3

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Brushstroke of Greenwich Time No.8, an Off White Blue Paint Greenwich Time™ No.8
N o .8

Greenwich Time™ No.8

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Brushstroke of Holbein Chamber No.7, an Off White Pink Paint Holbein Chamber™ No.7
N o .7

Holbein Chamber™ No.7

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Brushstroke of Holland Park No.5, a Soft Off White Paint Holland Park™ No.5
N o .5

Holland Park™ No.5

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Brushstroke of Maugham White No.2, a Bright White Paint Maugham White™ No.2
N o .2

Maugham White™ No.2

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Brushstroke of Pure White No.1, a Pure White Paint Pure White™ No.1
N o .1

Pure White™ No.1

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Brushstroke of Syon Park No.13, a White Paint Hint Of Green Syon Park™ No.13
N o .13

Syon Park™ No.13

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Brushstroke of Walpole No.42, a Cool Off White Paint Walpole™ No.42
N o .42

Walpole™ No.42

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Brushstroke of Whitehall No.9, a White Paint With A Hint Of Yellow Whitehall™ No.9
N o .9

Whitehall™ No.9

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