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Luxury Yellow & Orange Paint

Luxury Yellow & Orange Paint

The colour of sunshine, orange and yellow paints bring positivity. Often derived from nature, yellow paint colours include daffodil, buttercup and primrose. Orange paint colours range from bright orange to the earthy, terracotta. Orange or yellow walls add warmth and light. They’ll enhance small spaces. Try retro ochre in dining rooms or soft, pale yellow as kitchen paint. Make a feature wall with our multi-surface interior or exterior paints.

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Brushstroke of Cavendish Cream No.120, a Cream Paint Cavendish Cream™ No.120
N o .120

Cavendish Cream™ No.120

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Brushstroke of Circle Line No.45, a Bright Yellow Paint Circle Line™ No.45
N o .45

Circle Line™ No.45

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Brushstroke of Coral Orange No.277, a Vibrant Coral Orange Paint Coral Orange™ No.277
N o .277

Coral Orange™ No.277

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Brushstroke of Cornhill No.128, a Pale Yelllow Paint Cornhill™ No.128
N o .128

Cornhill™ No.128

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Brushstroke of Floral Street No.147, a Citrus Yellow Floral Street™ No.147
N o .147

Floral Street™ No.147

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Freegrove Mustard Freegrove Mustard

Freegrove Mustard

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Brushstroke of FTT-008, a Bright Mustard Yellow Paint FTT-008™ - Mid Chrome
FTT .008

FTT-008™ - Mid Chrome

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Brushstroke of FTT-010, a Sunset Orange Paint FTT-010™ - Vermillion
FTT .010

FTT-010™ - Vermillion

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Brushstroke of Golden Square No.131, a Bright Orange Yellow Paint Golden Square™ No.131
N o .131

Golden Square™ No.131

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Brushstroke of Haymarket No.47, a Mustard Yellow Paint Haymarket™ No.47
N o .47

Haymarket™ No.47

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Brushstroke of Lemon Salts No.43, a Pale Yellow Green Paint Lemon Salts™ No.43
N o .43

Lemon Salts™ No.43

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Brushstroke of Lolly Pop No.275, a Bright Orange Paint Lolly Pop™ No.275
N o .275

Lolly Pop™ No.275

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Brushstroke of Pimlico No.136, a Dusty Yellow Paint Pimlico™ No.136
N o .136

Pimlico™ No.136

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Brushstroke of Verdure Yellow No.148, a Light Yellow Paint Verdure Yellow™ No.148
N o .148

Verdure Yellow™ No.148

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Brushstroke of Walbrook No.142, a Light Cream Paint Walbrook™ No.142
N o .142

Walbrook™ No.142

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Brushstroke of Wharf Sacking No.127, a Yellow Cream Paint Wharf Sacking™ No.127.
N o .127

Wharf Sacking™ No.127.

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