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Paint & design ideas for your bathroom


Bathroom interiors have taken on a new lease of life in the contemporary home. Whether working with a small space or looking to make the bathroom really standout, the options are limitless when it comes to colour choice.

Creating a space that is functional and practical but also inviting can feel like a challenge. Decoratively, treat the bathroom like you would any other room in the house and choose a colour true to you, evoking a mood of comfort and calm.

Small bathroom paint ideas

A small bathroom can benefit from bright paint colour schemes. White walls or pale neutrals can add space and light to a small space, and these ideas can be easy to implement in a DIY project. Unlike in a living room, where you have free reign on placement and design, bathrooms, especially on the smaller side, often have their fittings set, and changing the layout and design can be a lot of work. Paint colours, and experimenting with your bathroom walls can be the perfect way to put your own stamp on these spaces.

Walls in Clerkenwell™ No.21, Doors & Architraves in Hoxton Grey™ No.72

Bath & Cabinetry Woodwork in Chester Square™ No.199, Walls in Acanthus Leaf™ No.12, Ceiling & Woodwork in Whitehall™ No.9

A Modern bathroom look

Modern colour schemes often like to incorporate contrast for dramatic interior design effects. A white bathroom that incorporates hits of strong shades such as blacks and bright colours will be interesting and memorable, with endless opportunities to incorporate your personality throughout your remodel.

White paint in the bathroom can sometimes feel overdone, so considering more unusual shades such as taupe, teal, or pale paints with subtle undertones can make the space feel more unique, and even slightly more thoughtful and grown-up.

Door & Architrave in Hoxton Grey™ No.72, Sink Unit in Blueprint™ No.50

Blue paint colours

Blue paint can be perfect for a bathroom space. Light blue walls are a great alternative to white and bolder, bright or navy blues can be perfect as an accent wall colour. Blue is the colour associated with water and the ocean, and also produces a calming, relaxed environment. Consider using a blue colour palette, or even cool-toned greys and off-whites to create this effect.

Accent walls

If your bathroom features standard decor ideas such as white tiles, a feature wall can be perfect for offsetting any blandness that may occur. A modern and exciting addition to any room, accent walls don't have to be bright, bold colours. If your style is less colourful and more minimalist, choosing a shade with strong contrast against the rest of your bathroom is a great way to create a strong accent and focal point.


Bright bathroom designs

Bathrooms are not spaces we want to be dark and gloomy, but with there often being a lack of natural light, bright bathroom colour schemes are a great way to create a clean, fresh feeling space. Countertops and floor tiles can be a great way to add more bright surfaces, but wall paint in a master bathroom is vitally important.

 Bright whites are always a popular choice, and pastels can bring light whilst adding a glow of colour. Light and airy linen shades and neutral paints are also perfect for bringing a sense of warmth alongside the brightness of these pale shades.

Create focal points

Focal points can bring a sense of fun to your powder room. Think about creating pops of colour in creative cabinetry colours or tiling choices. Themes such as nature can be a great way of creating focal features, with the use of natural-toned paints and plant features transforming the space into a beautiful green bathroom.

Home decor doesn't have to stop in the living room and kitchen, and creative bathroom decor really elevates the whole house's interior design.