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Mylands Wax is a unique product. It is still manufactured to original recipes. It has been used successfully by Antique Restorers for over 100 years. It is made from the purest and hardest natural waxes available including Beeswax, Carnauba and Shellac Wax. Mylands have a wax for virtually all wax finishing requirements.

Light coloured waxes are suitable for use on stone and metal.

Clear Wax

Clear Wax is suitable for all wooden furniture, whatever the colour, and gives a deep wax shine with the minimum of work. Additional applications give increased durability and depth of shine.

Stripped Pine Wax

A mid brown to be used on pine or used over paint to age the surface. Use one coat then use clear wax if more sheen is required.

Light Brown Wax

A traditional light orange brown, almost clear in colour. Very popular with traditional restorers, recommended by furniture teaching colleges. Use on lacquered surfaces by using only small amounts and “buff off” almost immediately with a clean piece of cotton rag.

Dark Oak Wax

Dark Oak colour suitable for dark furniture or antiques. Similar in depth and application to Antique Mahogany wax but without the same warm tone.

Antique Mahogany

A traditional formulation of wax suited to mahogany and other warmer timbers. Very popular with Antique Restorers.

White Liming Wax

Pigmented white to contrast the grain of open grain timber, especially oak. Apply then buff to a shine. Seal the colour in with Mylands White Wax (clear in colour). Only suitable for decorative furniture.

Earth Oils

Created in-house by the Mylands technical team, the Earth Oil collection is a blend of traditional and modern techniques of timber aging, and wood character enhancement. The concept originates from Myland’s vast knowledge of antique restoration, flooring finishes and decorative paints for interiors, film, television and theatre.

The selection is highly influenced by high-end interior designers and architects. Earth Oil is based on natural oils and waxes, with a natural look and feel.

It is resistant to beverages and household liquids. Suitable for all wood furniture, joinery and solid wood floorings including block, strip and plank applications.

For extra protection and durability you may apply one coat of Earth Oil Overlay over the coloured Earth Oils


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