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Metallic paint colours

Metallic paint colours

Mylands’ FTT metallic paint collection includes four shades that can be used to add a glamorous look to walls and accent features, while also bringing light and warmth into a space. Luminous touches of gold, silver, and copper metallic accents can be used in any interiors, from bedrooms to kitchens and dining rooms. 

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Brushstroke of FTT-001, a Gold Colour Paint FTT-001™
FTT .001


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Brushstroke of FTT-002, a Dark Gold Paint FTT-002™
FTT .002


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Brushstroke of FTT-003, a Copper Coloured Paint FTT-003™
FTT .003


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Brushstroke of FTT-004, a Silver Paint FTT-004™
FTT .004


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