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Metallic paint colours

Metallic paint colours

Luxurious metallic colours provide sparkling finishing touches. Mylands’ FTT metallic paint collection includes four shades. Use them to add light and new life to picture frames, mirrors or interior walls. They’re light and warmth create a special effect or contrast colour. The range is suitable for use with paintbrushes or as spray paint to create your desired metallic effect.

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Brushstroke of FTT-001, a Rich Gold Colour Paint FTT-001™
FTT .001


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Brushstroke of FTT-002, a Light Gold Colour Paint FTT-002™
FTT .002


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Brushstroke of FTT-003, a Copper Coloured Paint FTT-003™
FTT .003


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Brushstroke of FTT-004, a Silver Paint FTT-004™
FTT .004


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