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Green paint ideas for your home


Displaying neutral-like characteristics, greens are versatile, and picking the right tone of green can complement almost any primary or secondary colour scheme, enhancing and adding visual interest – whether bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even the hallway.

Green’s prevalence in nature means many of us are instinctively drawn to it, and it encourages a feeling of calm and space within the home.

WALLS IN Myrtle GREEN™ NO.168 - @jewelofe17

WALLS IN Mint Street™ NO.95 - @Claudiainteriors


Green paint can give your kitchen a natural and fresh feel, bringing with it all the feelings of health and nature that you'd want in a space like this. Painting your kitchen cabinets in any shade of green can be a great stand-out feature, and contrasting this with a light neutral shade on the walls and ceilings draws attention to the kitchen's features even more.

Cabinetry and Bricks in Brompton Road™ No.205 - @renovate68

Cabinetry in Brompton Road™ No.205 - @whistablefurniturepaintingco

Green paint in the dining room

Dining rooms, similarly to kitchens, can benefit from a natural and healthy injection of green. Whilst kitchens can often be suited to fresher and lighter shades, dining rooms can benefit from darker, comforting green paints that relax your guests and provide a cosy atmosphere.

CABINETRY IN MARKET GREEN No.38 - @herringbonekitchens

Green paint in the bedroom

Natural green tones are perfect for bringing the outdoors in. Using these shades as your interior wall paint in small spaces can create a comforting and fresh illusion of space. In larger rooms, using a colour palette that contrasts your choice of green with lighter shades, such as a white paint or a paint containing fresh undertones can give a wonderfully spacious and inviting feel to a room.

For the bedroom, this is a perfect match, helping to make the space feel natural and welcoming, just what you want for a relaxing bedroom atmosphere.

Green paint for your living room

Living room paint colours are a space to experiment and be creative. Green can fit into this aesthetic perfectly, from using a deep green or forest green for an accent wall, to lighter sage greens to fill the room with subtle colour. Greens can give vastly different aesthetics to your interior design, as their tones can seem particularly different to each other. From fresh emerald greens that add a unique shine to a room, to muted olive greens that are sure to stay traditional and fashionable despite changing colour trends, there is a huge range of shades of green. Whether you favour more yellow-toned warm shades or fresher teal blue-green, there is sure to be a shade that appeals to you.

wall in Burlington Arcade™ No.216 - ©Eugenio Vasdeki, @arlingtonhouselondon

Cupboard in Messel™ No.39, Walls in St James™ No.40

Dark green paints

Dark greens can be perfect for creating a moody yet comforting environment, both used as accents on furniture and woodwork, and on striking green walls. We offer a wide range of dark green paints, which are popular with interior designers for their depth and versatility.

 Using dark green paints on your exterior features can announce the feel of your home before guests even step inside. For example, a dark green paint used on your front door evokes calm and serenity, and is an inspiring exterior paint.

Woodwork in Messel™ No.39 - @casabry

Pale green paints

Pale greens are fashionable and fresh. A bright, inspiring choice like Copper Green™ No.36 makes a room or feature shine in our Marble Matt Emulsion™ finish. Likewise, paler green shades like Chiswick™ No.100 can be great for adding subtle colour and a bright atmosphere. Our vast collection of pale greens has something to offer any decoration project.

Bathroom walls in Chiswick™ No.100 - @the_lois_edit

LOWER WALLS in Greenstone™ No.190, Upper walls in Belgravia™ No.6 - @whitstable_view