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Green Living Room Ideas For A Restful And Comfortable Space

Is green a good colour for a living room?

It’s an emphatic, ‘Yes!’ in response to this question. Green is a great colour for a living room and it is bang on trend right now. Why? It's super versatile, encompassing so many different shades. Green can make a room feel cosy, fresh, comforting, refined or vibrant depending on the green hue that you use for your home decor.

Green pairs well with many other colours. Its versatility extends to many design ideas and styles too. You can make green work in so many ways. Plus, being the colour of nature, it’s the shade that makes us feel relaxed and refreshed, comforted and reassured. What more do you want from your living space?

6 green living room ideas

Mid-century styling

Earthy, muted tones like olive green and teal are staples of the mid-century design colour palette. Team matte, olive green walls with dark wood and complementary tones like mustard and burnt orange. Metallics bring a contrasting sleek, sheen texture, as well as providing light.

In this photo, the super stylish teal chimney breast (Mylands Burlington Arcade™ No.216) is offset by metallic walls to great effect.

This room decor has a more subtle nod to mid-century style. The earthy tones are in the upholstery with an accent chair beside neutral grey wall colour (Mylands Limestone™ No.55).

Heritage living room decor

Being versatile, green paint can be used in contemporary or more traditional living rooms. Cooler greens tend to work well in more formal living and dining room settings. Here, Beauvais™ No.195, a classic light green shade is used to complement the traditional panelling on the wall. It looks very cool and classy.

Panelling in Beauvais™ No.195, Ceiling in Onslow™ No.48, Window in Hoxton Grey™ No.72

In this photo with the slightly zesty French Green No.187 on the living room walls, the period living room decor has a chic elegance. This pastel green shade was hugely popular in the early 19th century. Yet this historic shade of green, perfectly combined with white, looks timeless in this stylish living room.

Modern luxe green living rooms

Green is perfect for modern living room styles too. Paired with black, it makes a striking combo. Add metallic accent pieces or wall art for dramatic contrast. This colour scheme works in a more grown-up and sophisticated living room.

In particular, deep green and opulent gold make a luxurious combo. Here, the dense deep green wall paint is offset by the matte metallic gold accessories to great effect.

Rustic green living room

For a more casual, Boho style, go for a rustic green living room. It makes a comforting and reassuring living space. Shades of green work really well with natural textures like stone and wood, as in this photo. The pale, almost pastel green, is so natural and calm. By adding wooden elements, the natural aspect is enhanced. Add houseplants and greenery to continue this theme.

Walls in Beauvais™ No.195, Skirting in Myrtle Green™ No.168

Deep, dark green living room

Deep green can be intense and all-encompassing. If you have a small living room with little natural light, you can embrace that and transform it into a snug. Think of the deep green like a woodland, familiar yet dense and dark.

To add further interest, try a feature wall of living room wallpaper. Natural, botanical prints are on-trend right now and work very well as a contrast to dark green walls. To increase light, add white or neutral elements (such as ceiling or woodwork).

Soothing sage green living rooms

Sage green really is the shade of the moment. Easy to use and easy on the eye, it’s a very soothing and serene colour. It’s the ideal shade of green to create a calming and comforting family room. The reassuring colour is the perfect backdrop for your relaxation zone.

Soft and soothing shades don’t have to be boring though. Layer on other colours and textures. Sage green pairs well with many other colours. In this photo, Mylands Myrtle Green™ No.168 teams beautifully with the teal blue-green sofa, wood and brickwork.

A few more ideas for green living room designs:

● Add a burst of energy and vibrancy with a zesty lime green like Mylands New Lime™ No.149

● Go retro with an avocado green such as Primrose Hill™ No.201

● Be bold with an accent wall or piece of furniture in jewel toned emerald green

● Embrace the biophilia trend with a leafy, forest green colour. Try Sorrel Green™ No.207

● Did you know that green and grey work really well together? Use soft grey and light green as natural neutrals or pair a grey with with a vibrant green accent colour.

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