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Which Colours Work With Green? 

Green is such a refreshing and versatile colour. It encompasses a vast array of shades, from a vibrant, emerald green to a soft, light green or muted, olive green for example. Green evokes feelings of nature and the great outdoors. As such, it pairs well with other natural tones.

Green colours work with both warm and cool tones. Take a look at the colour scheme to determine the complementary colours and contrasting colours. It’s an easy colour to incorporate into your colour palette of choice.

Green is made up of two primary colours - blue and yellow. Either of those colours would work well alongside green. But there are other colour combinations that may be a bit more surprising.

Here’s our pick of the best colours to combine with green.

Bright green and bold blue

Green and blue can make a really striking combination. It works outside with the sky and the grass and it can work indoors too. The key is finding complementary shades that are close on the colour wheel. So, a verdant, grass green looks good alongside a bright, sky or dark blue. A grey-blue (think of a slightly rainy sky) pairs well with a seafoam green which also has grey undertones.

A green and blue combination can create a coastal style. Here, you’d use greens and blues that are close in shade and evoke the colours of the sea. That could be seafoam green with a shade of teal or a turquoise blue with an emerald green. Both of those greens have blue-green tones to them. A blue-green colour scheme is fantastic for a living room. The interior design provides energy and uplift. It adds a stamp of personality to your living space.

Forest green and golden yellow

As yellow is a major component colour of green, it makes an ideal companion. It can be a really bright and playful colour palette. The colours are warm and uplifting together. They’d create elegant children’s room decor as shown in the picture below.

Mylands' Golden Square™ No.131 is used on the walls and becomes the main room colour. Adding the bold forest green as an accent colour on the chair, brings some vibrancy and another pop of brightness.

A more subtle green and yellow combination would be to use a mint green with a rich, buttery yellow. Yellow-green shades also work well with their complementary colour.

Lime green and rose pink

Green and pink make such a fresh combination. The softness of the pastel pink really complements the zesty lime green. It’s not for the faint-hearted as it’s a really eye-catching combination. But if it worked for Kermit and Miss Piggy, it can work for you!

Again, this green colour combination can be derived from nature. Just look in your garden to find green and pink blooming alongside each other. Consequently, green and pink makes the ideal base for floral patterns. Use a green and pink paint combo alongside bold floral wallpaper or textiles. If rose pink is too pastel for you, opt for a lilac or fuchsia pink for more depth.

This picture shows Mylands' New Lime™ No.149 on the cabinetry. It has a yellow tone to it which sits comfortably against the pale pink walls. If you’re looking for a beautiful, soft, rose pink, try Mylands' Kensington Rose™ No.22.

Deep green and luxe gold

If you want to create a space that feels grown up and sophisticated, this is the green colour scheme for you. Luxe gold accessories add warmth and shimmer against a dark green background. It’s so elegant. The gleaming gold adds lightness to an otherwise dark surrounding. The gold will attract the natural light and play with it, bouncing it around the space.

Mylands' Brompton Road™ No.205 (pictured below) is a very traditional green colour. The use of gold adds modern style to it, and draws out the yellow undertones.

Different shades of green

If you love green, then you could pair green with another shade of green. Team dark green with a lighter green to great effect.Totally green colour schemes are evocative of woodland or jungle where you have a variety of natural greens working harmoniously in their shared space. Try a dark leafy green with a lighter fern green or even sage green. That can create a calming and comforting feeling.

Break up the immersive green colouring with lighter shades. That could be bright white woodwork or ceiling paint for example. In the second room pictured below, light blue paint on the window frames adds a light, contrast colour.

Olive green and sleek black

When you hear ‘green and black’ you may think of organic, indulgent chocolate. A green and black colour scheme can create those same qualities in your living space.Muted greens like olive green or sage green team particularly well with black. Combined, they add luxury to a room. It’s a refined and stylish look. Touches of gold will lift the look further and enhance the feeling of opulence. Gold or other metallics also add light to this colour palette which can otherwise be rather dark.

In the kitchen pictured here, black cabinets team well with olive green walls. The white ceiling and grey marble countertops balance the look and add light to this modern decor.

Cool green and crisp white

For a super fresh and clean look, choose a green and white colour combination. Crisp white works equally well with a sharp apple green as with a more subtle sage green.

The more muted green colours tend to work better with slightly warmer off-white shades. Warmer forest green, emerald green or a zesty lime green combine best with a crisp, pure white paint.

Green and white is a particularly good colour combination in a kitchen. It’s clean, clear, crisp and fresh - a perfect environment for a kitchen. It will make the space feel light and airy. Natural green add relaxing vibes too, helping everyone to chill out in the heart of the home.

Soft green and natural wood

Green is the colour of the environment. Enhance that theme by pairing it with natural elements. Wood, stone and accessories like shell or rattan work wonderfully against a green backdrop. They provide beautiful textured accents and complement the natural green surroundings. Don't forget to add natural greenery in the form of plants too.

Natural wood can add warmth to a pale green room. Be that a gorgeous wooden floor, wooden shelving or furniture. It’s a classic, natural colour combination that works every time.

Go bold

If you’re looking for something to make a big impact, try bolder contrasting colours alongside green. A combination of jewel colours can look stunning and joyous.

● Green and purple makes a regal, opulent combination.
● Green and orange are bright and uplifting when used together.
● Green with a hint of red is warm and welcoming.
● Green and hot pink is striking and vibrant.

Go green

Green is a truly versatile colour. It can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation, but also vibrancy and zing depending on the shade that you choose. With such an array of shades of green, it combines well with so many other colours. Look to nature for colour pairings like green and pink or green and blue, but also bolder combinations like green and orange or purple.

Take a look at the gorgeous selection of Mylands green paints to find the one that works best for you.