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Paint & design ideas for your kitchen


Kitchens are versatile and busy spaces for cooking, eating and socialising. Use colour to create a cohesive look with units, tiles, and flooring or contrast colour to add interest or make a striking focal point.

Holbein Chamber™ No.7 W&M Matt (Walls & Woodwork)_Messel™ No.39 W&M Eggshell (Cabinetry)_Kitchen_Lanscape_Mylands_@thecountryhousediaries_7 - Newsletter and web landscape (1).jpg__PID:12cd0053-94b8-4198-9c1c-0d1976ceb63d

Cabinetry in Messel™ No.39

Modern kitchen look

Kitchens are becoming increasingly important to interior designers, as they offer a huge scope to experiment and create a unique space. It can be a challenging project to undertake when working on a DIY kitchen makeover, but creating a modern look doesn't have to be unobtainable.

 Simple contrasts between the kitchen walls and cabinetry work perfectly for a minimal and sophisticated kitchen design. White walls against dark cabinetry, such as the dark blue of Bond Street are a perfect example of this.

Farmhouse kitchen

Homeowners with space and the desire for a traditional feeling kitchen space may opt for a farmhouse style. Characterised by its natural aesthetic, often utilising large natural wood surfaces and a muted colour palette, this style can make for the perfect natural cooking space.

Natural and calming style kitchens can also be achieved with your paint colour choices in any style of kitchen. Green and pale blue tones are great for this, and kitchen ideas with this style in mind are easy to work with and produce a look that will last.

CABINETRY & WALL in Brompton Road™ No.205

Cabinetry in Freegrove Mustard

Holland Park Kitchen @anj_rakhitb @horwoodphoto @Simona.Marsibilio (2) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:c3237bf7-6b46-4186-b586-7ad1ad83475b

Cabinetry in Stockwell Green™ No.203, Splashback in FTT-004™, Ceiling in Ludgate Circus™ No.89

The traditional kitchen

For a strictly traditional cooking space, the use of smart colours such as navy blue and off white shades with subtle undertones makes for a great fit. Incorporating natural elements such as wooden surfaces and stone or brick can add to this. White cabinets can also work in this design, making the space feel fresh and uncomplicated, whilst balancing against your other design elements.

 With retro styles becoming ever popular in the fashion world, a contemporary feeling kitchen with nods to the past is a great way of bringing stylish nostalgia to the home. Making use of a creative tile backsplash such as with patterned or subway tiles, alongside cabinets in a bright or even pastel colourway, or even an accent wall is a great way to bring a retro feel to your kitchen.

Cabinetry and walls in Haymarket™ No.47

Small kitchens

In a small kitchen space, the best paint ideas involve making the most of any natural light and enhancing this with bright, white kitchen walls and other pale shades. Your decorating ideas don't have to be hindered by size constraints, however. Taking inspiration from the design of larger spaces like your living room or dining room can be a great place to start, and a good way of making a small kitchen feel part of the rest of the house.

Threadneedle No.262 (Kitchen) Jen Brake @halfpaintedhouse - Newsletter and web (1).jpg__PID:5a598990-5483-40a8-937b-db384bb420b6

Walls and cabinetry in Threadneedle™ No.262

Cabinetry in Blackout™ No.41

Units, kitchen cabinets and hardware

Away from the important decision of wall paint colours, elements such as barstools, countertops and kitchen islands can have a big impact on a kitchen. Getting the design of these right is crucial, as well as the small details such as hardware on cabinets that matches the aesthetic. Whether you opt for white cabinets or a more teal or green kitchen, your colour choices should be complemented by your preferred elements such as silver or brass hardware, and your choice of countertop material.

Stockwell Green No.203 (Kitchen Units)_FTT 004 (Splashback)_Ludgate Circus No.89 (Ceiling) @sella.concept_Mylands - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:5a0982e4-a41f-45b6-9835-4eaf0ad1a34c

Cabinetry in Stockwell Green™ No.203, Splashback in FTT-004™, Ceiling in Ludgate Circus™ No.89