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Paint & design ideas for your dining room

dining room

Dining rooms today serve a multitude of purposes: as places to eat, gather with family or friends or work.

 Often connected to kitchens or living rooms the dining room is another hard-working space. Clever zoning through the use of colour and design can totally transform a dining room from functional to beautiful.


Formal dining room

Formal dining room ideas can be a great way to make a special space for guests and family. Traditionally these rooms contain a chandelier or two, with understated paint colours such as pale neutrals, taupe shades and white or off-white paints. Pure white walls can be overwhelmingly bright for a space that should feel comforting and relaxed, but can work in the right context.

If you are looking for a more standout paint colour, deep or muted red or green walls can create an enclosed and striking dining space, and add a unique touch to your home decor makeover. Woodwork and ornate dining chairs look great in these coloured rooms, and dinner parties are sure to feel more special and exciting.

Cabinetry in Blackout™ No.41

The farmhouse look

With farmhouse style kitchens becoming increasingly fashionable it can pay to have a dining area that matches this aesthetic. The use of natural wood surfaces, along with wooden chairs and neutral-toned walls is a great way to create a sense of this traditional feeling design trend. For a more modern farmhouse aesthetic, assigning some contemporary features such as with your chairs and lighting fixtures can be a great way to achieve this. Once you have the basics down, it is a great style to experiment and have fun with.

CABINETRY IN Temple Bar™ No.70

Blue dining room paint colours

Blue is a colour associated with calm and serenity, and this can often be what is required when looking to create a relaxing dining environment. Aqua shades, navy blues and light blue wall paints create balance, and are easy to implement as part of a DIY project.

Walls in White Hart™ No.51, Chairs in FTT-006™

Light and airy

If you are looking to bring a more light and bright feel to your dining room, neutral paint colours, off-whites and pale colour combinations will help make the space feel bigger, whilst rooms with lots of natural light will be enhanced. The bigger you can make the dining room feel, the less risk there is it will feel like a home office type space.

Dining room walls tend to be left reasonably blank, and as such painting these in a single shade is a great way to fill your room with subtle hues from neutral paints. Adding a focal centrepiece like artwork, a modern chandelier, or a stand-out dining room table will emphasise the space.

Walls and Shelves in Pimlico™ No.136, Ceiling in Lemon Salts™ No.43

Make a statement

If you are looking to create a statement room to impress your guests and create a talking point, bold accent walls can be a great way to do this. Directing people's attention towards a focal point is sure to create conversation and draw attention to the rest of your interior design.

WALLS in Threadneedle™ No.262, Woodwork in FTT-006™