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Five Fresh Blue Bathroom Ideas

A beautiful blue bathroom is a perennial favourite. That’s because it works so well. It’s fresh and cool. It makes sense to feature the colour of water in the room created for cleanliness. So, if you’re looking for bathroom decor that stands the test of time, blue is a great option.

A versatile colour, the wide-ranging shades of blue can evoke many different feelings in a bathroom. Take your pick - a serene sanctuary or a vibrant, contemporary bathroom.

From coastal chic to eclectic earthy styling, blue works with a multitude of interior design themes. Here are 5 of our favourite blue bathroom ideas.

1. Classic blue styling

Blue and white is the classic combination that never goes out of fashion. It’s clean and fresh, ideal attributes for bathroom decor. Navy blue and white, pale blue and white, sky blue and white - they all pair beautifully. Navy has been a popular choice of late, but different shades of pale blue are on the rise.

Pale blue is soft, serene and oh so calming. So if you want your bathroom to be a haven for relaxation at the end of the day, pale blue walls are the way to go. In this picture, Mylands Morning Blue™ No.32 is on the bathroom walls. Against the white bathroom fixtures, it looks clean, simple and fresh.

2. Colour block with blue

If you’re looking for a bolder blue look, try colour blocking as your home decor style. This works with a deep blue such as royal blue , aqua or even teal. Use your deep blue as a feature on an accent wall or cabinetry, or even with blue tiles. That will provide a focal point in the room. Neutral or white walls alongside the accent colour as a contrast will add light.

In this photo, Mylands Blueprint™ No.50 provides the contrast colour to an otherwise white and patterned bathroom. Colour blocking is a good way to experiment with colour - dip your toe in the blue coloured-water. It can help to make a small bathroom feel that bit bigger.

3. Contrast blue with pattern

If plain and simple isn’t your thing, patterned bathroom wallpaper is a bolder choice. Incorporating texture, pattern and colour will prevent bathrooms looking clinical and cold. Mixing patterns and textures can look amazing. To ensure you stay on the well-balanced side of that very fine line of design, keep the same tone of blue throughout the room. That will pull the mix together into a cohesive style.

In these photos, dark blue paint on the paneling balances out the patterned bathroom wallpaper. It also works with the style of blue bathroom tiles. Wainscoting (or wall paneling) is a feature of Victorian homes in particular. Dark blue paint gives it a makeover and brings texture to add layers of interest.

Patterned wallpaper isn’t the only way to add texture. Interesting floor tiles or wall tiles such as Herringbone (very trendy right now), metro tiles or mosaic tiles are stylish ways to inject pattern and interest.

4. Sleek, contemporary monochrome

For a modern bathroom with a touch of luxury, try a monochrome aesthetic. Monochrome doesn’t have to be black and white. Swap black for a dark blue to add a contemporary twist. Or swap white for a neutral light blue colour, for example. Light blue shades work well in bathrooms to prevent them looking dark and enclosed. Mylands Mid Wedgewood™ No.113 is a light blue-grey paint and features in the photo below.

Metallics add extra luxury to stylish monochrome. That could be in the form of a mirror, backsplash, fixtures and fittings, or even a chandelier for pure opulence.

5. Warming, earthy blue

A warm, earthy, natural blue is super comforting. It has a friendly feel to it. Taking a bath is a soothing and comforting experience, so emphasise that with a warm and gentle colour like teal.

You may feel more confident experimenting with colour in a small space, rather than the master bathroom. The ‘powder room’ can be the space in which to apply personality and fun decor ideas. Those uplifting design ideas could be patterned wallpaper, interesting artwork or paint colour palettes.

Ready to start experimenting with blue paint colours in your bathroom? Shop the Mylands range.