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The Archive Collection

The Archive Collection

The Archive Collection, consisting of 12 uncompromising and enduring shades, is a celebration of Mylands' colour legacy. These colours have been reformulated to last, inspire and celebrate the best of colour in our homes.

The Archive Collection won Best Paint Collection in the 2022 Livingetc Style Awards.

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Brushstroke of Coral Orange No.277, a Vibrant Coral Orange Paint Coral Orange™ No.277
N o .277

Coral Orange™ No.277

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Brushstroke of Coral Orange No.277, a Vibrant Coral Orange Paint Egerton Place™ No.297
N o .297

Egerton Place™ No.297

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Brushstroke of Empire Violet No.80, a Regal Violet Paint Empire-Violet™ No.80
N o .80

Empire-Violet™ No.80

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Brushstroke of Enamel Blue No.78, a Striking Light Blue Paint Enamel Blue™ No.78
N o .78

Enamel Blue™ No.78

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Brushstroke of Gentleman's Pink No.221, a Pastel Pink Paint Gentleman’s Pink™ No.221
N o .221

Gentleman’s Pink™ No.221

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Brushstroke of Peach Flesh Pink No.268, a Peach Pink Paint Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268
N o .268

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268

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Brushstroke of Pleasure Gardens Green No.214, a Dark Leafy Green Paint Pleasure Gardens Green™ No.214
N o .214

Pleasure Gardens Green™ No.214

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Brushstroke of Proper Blue No.67, a Bold Ocean Blue Paint Proper Blue™ No.67
N o .67

Proper Blue™ No.67

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Brushstroke of Red Post Hill No.68, a Post Box Red Paint Red Post Hill™ No.68
N o .68

Red Post Hill™ No.68

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Brushstroke of Rose Taupe No.292, a Vintage Brown Grey Paint Rose Taupe™ No.292
N o .292

Rose Taupe™ No.292

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Brushstroke of Sorrel Green No.207, a Botanical Green Paint Sorrel Green™ No.207
N o .207

Sorrel Green™ No.207

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