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Red and pink paint colours

Red and pink paint colours

Red and pink paint colours add warmth and character. Dark red or pink wall paint evoke drama and intensity. Neutral coloured woodwork, furniture or ceiling paint provide balance. A pretty pink wall is a fresh, welcoming choice. Blush pink is a soft, warm, pale pink reminiscent of rose petals. Or opt for a warm red in chalky, Marble Matt Emulsion interior paint on an accent wall or as a backdrop to wall art.

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Brushstroke of Arts Club No.281, a Deep Red Paint Arts Club™ No.281
N o .281

Arts Club™ No.281

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Blomster JB.01 A metal tin of coloured paint Blomster JB01
JB .01

Blomster JB.01

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Brushstroke of Bloomsbury No.267, a Muted Pink Paint Bloomsbury™ No.267
N o .267

Bloomsbury™ No.267

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Cooper's Earth JB.05 A metal tin of coloured paint Cooper's Earth JB05
JB .05

Cooper's Earth JB.05

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Brushstroke of Covent Garden Floral No.270, a Red Pink Paint Covent Garden Floral™ No.270
N o .270

Covent Garden Floral™ No.270

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Dulwich Red Dulwich Red

Dulwich Red

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Brushstroke of Early Lavender No.260, a Lavender Paint Early Lavender™ No.260
N o .260

Early Lavender™ No.260

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Brushstroke of Coral Orange No.277, a Vibrant Coral Orange Paint Egerton Place™ No.297
N o .297

Egerton Place™ No.297

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Brushstroke of Fitzrovia No.26, a Traditional White Paint Fitzrovia™ No.26
N o .26

Fitzrovia™ No.26

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Brushstroke of Floris No.27, a Blush Pink Paint Floris™ No.27
N o .27

Floris™ No.27

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Brushstroke of FTT-005, a Coral Pink Paint FTT-005™ - French Rose
FTT .005

FTT-005™ - French Rose

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Brushstroke of FTT-006, a Dark Pink Paint FTT-006™ - Shocking Pink
FTT .006

FTT-006™ - Shocking Pink

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Brushstroke of FTT-007, a Deep Rose Paint FTT-007™ - Magenta
FTT .007

FTT-007™ - Magenta

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Brushstroke of FTT-009, a Red Paint FTT-009™ - Bright Red
FTT .009

FTT-009™ - Bright Red

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Brushstroke of Gentleman's Pink No.221, a Pastel Pink Paint Gentleman’s Pink™ No.221
N o .221

Gentleman’s Pink™ No.221

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Brushstroke of Huguenot No.49, a Crimson Red Paint Huguenot™ No.49
N o .49

Huguenot™ No.49

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Brushstroke of Indian Lake No.288, a Dark Red Paint Indian Lake™ No.288
N o .288

Indian Lake™ No.288

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Brushstroke of Kensington Rose No.22, a Light Pink Paint Kensington Rose™ No.22
N o .22

Kensington Rose™ No.22

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Brushstroke of Lavender Garden No.30, a Grey Lilac Paint Lavender Garden™ No.30
N o .30

Lavender Garden™ No.30

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Brushstroke of Mortlake Red No.290, a Dusty Red Paint Mortlake Red™ No.290
N o .290

Mortlake Red™ No.290

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