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Try A Green Kitchen For A Fresh Look

Green may not be the first colour that comes to mind when designing your new-look kitchen. Monochromes and neutrals are more typical decorating ideas for kitchens. But green paint can breathe new life into your kitchen and it's growing in popularity. The natural hues bring feelings of calm and tranquillity or zest and vibrancy depending on the tones. Transform your kitchen into a comforting space inspired by the natural world by simply adding green to your kitchen paint palette.

Cabinetry and brickwork in Brompton Road™ No.205

Why is green a good colour for a kitchen?

Green is the colour of nature. That makes it wonderfully calming and reassuringly familiar. You may feel your shoulders drop and your breathing slow down as you relax in green surroundings. Stepping into nature can have a powerful effect.

The kitchen is the hub of the house. It’s the place to gather together; to eat, talk and just be. So you want it to be a place of comfort and familiarity. Green can create that environment.

On a practical level, green works on both kitchen cabinets and walls. There is a vast range of shades to choose from, so you’ll find the green tone that works well for you. Whether you want to go bold with lime green, forest green or mint green, or add more subtle colours like sage green or olive green, Mylands has the green paint for your kitchen. Grab a tester, load up your paint brushes and try out the paint colours.

The subtle shade: sage green

Understated and timeless, this pale green is a beautifully peaceful colour. It works particularly well with rustic wood and natural stone. Sage green adds a freshness and warmth to a traditional country kitchen. It’s an easy way to inject a bit of colour without it feeling overwhelming or dramatic. Try shades like Serpentine™ No.192 and Myrtle Green™ No.168 to create a sage look in your home.

Think of it as a new neutral. Move over grey and the many shades of white. Sage green is here!

Woodwork in New Lime™ No.149

The bright shade: lime green

Zesty colours like lime and apple bring vibrancy to the kitchen. They’re bold, super zingy and uplifting. They’ll add instant character to your kitchen. Lime green works well for a contemporary style of kitchen.

New Lime™ No.149 has a yellow tone to it and it's ideal as a contrast colour on kitchen cabinets or walls. In this picture, it adds another layer of interesting colour by its addition to the furniture unit. The soft pink walls set it off perfectly.

Is lime too vibrant for you? Dial it down a notch with olive green for more of a mid-century, retro look. Messel™ No.39 is a classic, earthy shade. It teams well with warm shades of wood and metals like gold and brass.

The retro shade: avocado green

Avocado green may conjure up memories of an elderly aunt’s kitchen. But, like the fruit itself, avocado has surged in popularity again recently. Team it with creamy neutrals for a soft, warm look.

Stockwell Green™ No.203 paint is an uplifting shade of avocado. It contains a hint of yellow alongside the green. The result is a clean, striking look which is ideal for a kitchen, be it modern or traditional in style.

The bold shade: dark green

If you want a more sumptuous, immersive colour, go for a dark green. Picture yourself heading into the woodland. Forest green, the colour of Christmas trees, is lush and evocative. Used on cabinetry, dark green can create a dramatic effect. But remember that, as in the woodland, you need to incorporate light. That can be on worktops, splashbacks and flooring or by using pale paint colours on the walls.

Striking dark greens in the Mylands collections include Market Green No.38, Messel™ No.39, and Pleasure Gardens Green™ No.214.

Green cabinets: top tips

A soft green paint, such as Myrtle Green™ No.168, gives traditional kitchen cabinets a fresh look. Used in a classic farmhouse kitchen, green Shaker cabinets enhance the theme when paired with soft stone tiles and wooden or natural-coloured countertops. This is a good way to introduce some colour subtly to an ordinarily white kitchen.

A matt emulsion paint is recommended for kitchen cabinets. That allows the green colour to make a statement simply. However, if you want to make a bolder, more dramatic impact, use a vibrant green in gloss.

The striking green kitchen pictured below, uses our classic green Brompton Road™ No.205 on both the cabinets and walls. It makes a strong statement. Yet the dark, leafy green is offset by the wood flooring and island top, plus the white countertops and contrasting wall. That prevents the room becoming too dark and enclosed.

Choosing the right hardware to go with your green kitchen cabinet makes all the difference. Gold and brass are on-trend right now and work perfectly with green.

Green walls: top tips

Using a colour like green on the kitchen walls will make the space feel totally different. However, you need to incorporate contrasting colours elsewhere to balance it out. A white ceiling, white shelving and radiators or neutral kitchen cabinets will do the trick, as would introducing pale furniture and accessories.

Want a more luxe look? Combine it with black and gold. Black kitchen cabinets pair well with olive green walls as shown in the picture below. Gold accessories add to the drama and opulence. The white ceiling and grey marble kitchen counters provide balance and light in this modern kitchen.

When painting smaller kitchens, it’s important to enhance natural light. You don’t have to stick to white paint though. Paler green paint colours will amplify the light too. Take a look at Greenstone™ No.190 for a superb pale green.

What colours go with a green kitchen?

Brass - looks sleek and cool next to green and white

Gold - adds glamour to emerald green in particular

Wood - enhances the organic, natural environment

White - to contrast with deep greens
Try: St Clement™ No.11 or Syon Park™ No.13

Creamy neutrals - team with a forest green for a balanced, warm look
Try: Hoxton Grey™ No.72 or Temple Bar™ No.70

Black - bring some drama to a contemporary green kitchen
Try: Blackout™ No.41 or Downing Street™ No.10

Soft pink - this subtle pastel complements grey-greens wonderfully
Try: Palmerston Pink™ No.243 or Threadneedle™ No.262

Bring the outdoors inside

If your kitchen leads out to the garden, interior green walls will blend the boundaries beautifully. You’ll feel an organic flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Enhance this further by introducing plants to the kitchen too.

Plant prints are abundant currently. Look out for curtains, cushions, fabrics and wall art that continue the natural theme. This is a simple interior design trick that can enhance the flow into other adjoining rooms such as the dining room or living room. They make an ideal finishing touch.