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Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Mylands' curated palette for Autumn, featuring earthy and deep tones to reflect the season, with a touch of colour.

Image: Millbank™ No.254

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Brushstroke of Bond Street No.219, a Dark Blue Paint Dark blue kitchen cabinetry painted with Bond Street No.219
N o .219

Bond Street™ No.219

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Brushstroke of Greenstone No.190, a Soft Grey Green Paint Greenstone™ No.190
N o .190

Greenstone™ No.190

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Brushstroke of Lolly Pop No.275, a Bright Orange Paint Lolly Pop™ No.275
N o .275

Lolly Pop™ No.275

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Brushstroke of Amber Grey No.156, a Faded Grey Paint Amber Grey™ No.156
N o .156

Amber Grey™ No.156

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Brushstroke of Millbank No.254, an Earthy Brown Paint Millbank™ No.254
N o .254

Millbank™ No.254

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Brushstroke of Limestone No.55, a Limestone Paint Colour Limestone™ No.55
N o .55

Limestone™ No.55

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