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A Hampstead Home Transformation

As we welcome in the new year, we look forward to starting afresh with a blank canvas and endless opportunities. As the age old saying goes – new year, new you – so why not a new home transformation too?

We explore how homeowner, Amanda Jennings braved a new look for her Hampstead home with the help of architect and friend Siri Zanelli (@archsirizanelli@collective_works), in hopes to inspire those apprehensive to make the start.

Through this transformation, here is what to consider when preparing to take that step:

1. Your Favourite Colour

Sometimes it can be as simple as picking your favourite colour and trusting in it.

Together Amanda and Siri were able to create a broad palette of bold and earthy hues to choose from when looking to modify the living room. The final decision came back to Amanda’s favourite colour – mustard yellow, a remembrance and fondness of the warmth and sunshine of Italy, where Amanda owns her Oliveto Estate. This was perfectly encapsulated in our Freegrove Mustard.

2. Different Times of Day

During the project, Siri looked to exploring more with colour and understanding how they could change in different lights; during the time of day, and alongside how they interact with other colours (better known as metamerism). Siri mentioned how this is part of the joy working with colour. Our Freegrove Mustard has the capability of evolving from a warm honey to a deeper caramel throughout the day.

St James™ No.40 (Hallway Walls) Messel™ No.39 (Woodwork) Freegrove Mustard (Living Room Walls) - Medium.webp__PID:3cfb8432-dcb3-49cf-912b-a4d1f1422156

Hallway Walls in St James™ No.40, Woodwork in Messel™ No.39, Living Room walls in Freegrove Mustard

3. Look To What You Have Already

Each colour used for the transformation project helped to introduce a new atmosphere and craft an experience when walking through the home. To curate this, it was important to not only consider Amanda’s personal colour preferences but also what shades would work best with existing furniture and art pieces. As seen from Amanda’s living room, the balance of her white sofa is enhanced by the soft green of our Serpentine™ No.192, and in the master bedroom the yellow bedspread is highlighted with the use of our Portcullis™ No. 170.

Freegrove Mustard (Front Wall) Serpentine™ No.192 (Back Wall) Living Room - Medium.webp__PID:9059fc08-d6a8-435b-b4c1-f21c98a33c52

Living Room Front Wall in Freegrove Mustard, Living Room Back Wall in Serpentine™ No.192

4. Remember You Can Start Small

It can be a big jump to paint a whole room – whether you do only the walls or decide top to bottom considering the much talked about colour drenching trend – but sometimes starting small gives us the confidence to go big. Whether a radiator, skirting board or window frame – a touch of colour can add character to any room. For Amanda, this burst of colour is seen in both her stairs and front door in our Messel™ No.39 which standout against her chosen wall colours of St James™ No.40 and Myrtle Green No.168.

St James™ No.40 (Walls) Messel™ No.39 (Stairs & Woodwork) - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:cb2f2db5-d9ee-4324-952a-73979a63f8a4

Walls in St James™ No.40, Stairs and Woodwork in Messel™ No.39

Myrtle Green™ No.168 (Walls) Messel™ No.39 (Woodwork) Hallway - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:73979a63-f8a4-4e30-9659-0a5e4b5008a9

Walls in Myrtle Green™ No.168 and Woodwork in Messel™ No.39

We hope this has inspired you to bring new colour into your home for the new year.

Find out more about our colour ranges below.