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Barbiecore Interiors: Hot Pink - Ftt-006™ - is Mylands' Colour of the Year 2023

What is the Barbiecore trend?

The world was first introduced to Barbie by Mattell back in 1959 at a New York toy fair. Yet, over 60 years later, Barbie’s having her moment. Barbie’s celebrated pink aesthetic and feminine shapes have become a serious design trend, in fashion and interior design. It’s become known as Barbiecore.

Walls in FTT-006™, Skirting in WhIte Hart™ No.51

Why now? Greta Gerwig’s hotly anticipated live-action Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, will be released in Summer 2023. Even before it’s been released, the movie’s influenced the return of bright Barbie pink. We’ve already seen the hot pink Barbiecore look in fashion, with celebs like Lizzo rocking it. And of course, the pink aesthetic is a TikTok microtrend.

So if you’ve ever dreamt of living in your own real-life Barbie Dreamhouse, then this is the design trend you’ve been waiting for. We’re sure you and Ken will be very happy in your pink Barbie world.

Walls in FTT-006™

About the hot pink colour

Interest in hot pink hues is always strong, but we’ve witnessed a sharp increase over the last few months. The rise of Barbiecore is a key reason. But it could also be what we need in our lives right now, post-pandemic. Once again, the world around us appears uncertain and disheartening. The uplifting effect of this Barbie pink colour makes it a perfect antidote. Warming shades of pink bring happiness into any home.

We’ve seen an increase in popularity for maximalism recently too. That opulent design style is all about making a statement with pattern, texture and/ or colour. Vibrant shades of pink like fuchsia, magenta or bubblegum pink certainly tick that box. They deliver a strong, positive style statement.

Simply adding a warming pink wall will add such a cheerful burst of energy and positivity, and it’s likely to make you smile. That’s really what the Barbiecore trend is about - fun and happiness.

Bathtub in FTT-006™, Walls in WhIte Hart™ No.51

How to style Barbie pink interior design

5-year-old you probably loved decorating and styling your Barbie Dreamhouse. These days, the Barbiecore look induces comforting feelings of nostalgia and simpler times. But do you want your real-life house to look like your childhood dolls’ house?

If painting an entire home in shades of pink feels intimidating, start by painting details within a space. You could accent the room with a bright pink skirting or doorway for a dramatic contrast. Other pink living room ideas include painting an alcove or bookshelves in pink accents to create an eye-catching nook or feature.

Chairs in FTT-006™, Walls in WhIte Hart™ No.51

Another alternative is to embrace the Barbiecore decor trend in a small area of your home. That could be your home office, downstairs toilet or en suite bathroom. Instead of a fully pink kitchen, you could try hot pink in the pantry or utility room.

Mixing shades of pink is a good idea. Try pastel and bubblegum pinks with deeper, richer tones like magenta, fuchsia or raspberry.

Walls in FTT-006™

Mylands Colour of the Year 2023

It seems timely that we at Mylands, House of Colour, are announcing FTT-006™ as our Colour of the Year for 2023. A bold and bright pink made from a strong mix of red and magenta, FTT-006™ is a captivating hue with unique character and energy.

Walls in FTT-006™, Skirting in WhIte Hart™ No.51

Our CEO, Dominic Myland says “FTT-006™ is an unfailingly cheerful and bold pink that’s proving not only to be incredibly popular, but also more enduring than just another trend of fad. It’s a confident shade with the power to completely transform a space, and its intensity makes it hard to forget. Hot pink is playful and eye-catching, and though it’s the colour of the moment, it’s a stylish shade you won’t get tired of any time soon.”

Slightly darker and less feminine than more pastel or blush pink hues, FTT-006™ pairs well with soft neutral tones for a toned down scheme, or pair with pale shades of pink, lilac or crisp white for something bolder.

Walls in FTT-006™, Skirting in WhIte Hart™ No.51

Mylands paints on stage and screen

Did you know that Mylands has a long-standing history of working with the British film, TV and theatre industries?

We’ve created colour for the industry for over a century. Our products have featured in some of the world’s greatest productions - including every Bond movie, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey. In 2023, our FTT range will feature in the hotly anticipated Barbie™ movie.

Discover our range of pink paints and follow our trend updates on social media.