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The Bristol and The Kensington Hotels features Mylands Plant-Based Paints to Reimagine the Spaces


The Doyle Collection enlisted Mylands colours to uplift its atmosphere.
Walls in Serpentine™ No.192 at The River Grille restaurant, located in The Bristol hotel


Walls in Onslow™ No.48 at Rick's bar, situated in The Bristol hotel

Mylands is delighted to have its colours portrayed in the recent transformation projects undergone by The Doyle Collection, for The Bristol and The Kensington hotels.

The Doyle Collection is a family-owned business within the luxury hotel sphere, and similarly to Mylands, looks to lessen its impact on the planet through sustainable means. This is especially apparent when it comes to refurbishment projects, with The Doyle Collection choosing to use Mylands’ well-known sustainably lead Plant-Based Multi-Surface paints to refresh both hotels’ restaurants.
Mylands spoke with Ananth Ramaswamy, The Doyle Collection’s Group Project Architect, who worked in tandem with the hotel owner envisioning the new look for both spaces. 

First, The Bristol, located in its namesake, is at the heart of the city’s thriving creative quarter alongside the waterfront. Its restaurant interiors for The River Grille and Rick's bar however seemed too dark and heavy, dressed in a deep burgundy that no longer felt appropriate for a daytime restaurant.

The Kensington, situated in one of London’s most charming neighbourhoods is ensconced in heritage decor. Its restaurant, Town House, featured a neutral French Grey interior that felt outdated and uninspiring.

Ramaswamy was tasked with refreshing both spaces to create an uplifting ambiance.

With sustainability at the forefront of both businesses’ cores and values, it was natural for The Doyle Collection and Mylands to work together. The Doyle Collection specified using Mylands Plant-Based Multi-Surface paints, perfect for coating interior and exterior walls, ceilings and a multitude of surfaces including wood, metal and plastic.

This paint finish was an ideal fit due to its sustainable qualities. It is over 50% biobased, meaning that more than 50% of the carbon in the paint comes from plant-based sources as opposed to petroleum-based. Furthermore it is water-based with low VOC, virtually solvent free and low in microplastics. It is of the highest quality, providing incredible depth of colour and opacity, allowing for less paint to be used for maximum coverage. With this, all Mylands paints are hand crafted at our West Norwood factory site, minimising our carbon footprint and allowing us to keep track of our sustainability targets.

To celebrate the relaunch of de Gournay's NYC showroom, Mylands is delighted to have worked with the hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallcovering specialists on creating a complimentary colour palette which has featured across multiple rooms for the renovation project. Reopening its doors on Wednesday 12th June 2024, the de Gournay NYC showroom is located in the heart of New York in the Upper East Side. The showroom is made up of 12 curated spaces, all interwoven with its own themes and stories, bringing together two family owned and run businesses.

Mylands colours decorate the space across accents, cornices and woodwork, complimenting the intricately, hand-painted wallpapers. Discover the colour palette, specially created for the project, below. The colours chosen comprise of hues from Mylands' iconic Colours of London collection and Archive collection. Alongside this, Mylands has created bespoke colours, working closely with de Gournay's Director, Hannah Cecil Gurney.

 Notable colours from the palette, include:

Rothschild Street™ No.296 - part of the Mylands' Colours of London collection, a deep, rich red named after the street Mylands is situated on in West Norwood, London. With undertones of warm oranges and yellows, mixed with magentas and blacks, this red adds a flare of drama and intensity whether used for walls, ceilings or accent features.

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268 - part of the Mylands' Archive collection, this pink hue is both made up of yellows and reds. It is impactful and delicate making it versatile to use.

Walbrook™ No.142 - part of the Mylands' Colours of London collection, named after and inspired by architect Christopher Wren's masterpiece, St. Stephen Walbrook, this is a light cream neutral that gives a lot of warmth. Made from undertones of yellow and orange, it is reminiscent of the soft glow of the sun.

Discovered a colour you like? Find out how to order:

For our US-based clients, please email or call (+1) 201-568-6051

For our international-based clients (outside of UK & US), please email or call (+44) 20 8670 9161

For our UK-based clients, shop the collection via our website.


Walls and woodwork in Soho Pink™ No.266 at the Town House restaurant, in The Kensington hotel

Commenting on using Mylands, Ramaswarmy states:

‘[Mylands paints] are durable [...] and have the level of finish our guests expect.’ - Ananth Ramaswamy

When it came to choosing the new colours, Ramaswarmy comments how this was a considered approach and what goes into the decision-making process, ‘The way we choose paint depends on the individual room [...] Pulling out a particular colour causes an emotional response - it can uplist, make you feel more relaxed or more stimulated [...] we take that into account when designing a space and [...] what response we want our guests to have to it.

Ramaswarmy aimed to reinvigorate The Bristol with a light and airy conservatory feel through colour and texture, without changing the internal decor. This was achieved with a nature inspired colour palette:

  • Serpentine™ No.192 - a natural pale olive-green that captures the essence of nature, bringing it into any space.
  • Onslow™ No.48 - a soft beige neutral that brightens an area by being light in colour. 
  • London Brown™ No.287 - a rich, dark brown shade that is earthy and inviting, enveloping those into a comforting, relaxed atmosphere.

Walls in Serpentine™ No.192 at The River Grille restaurant, situated in The Bristol hotel


Walls in London Brown™ No.287 at Rick's bar, situated in The Bristol hotel


Walls in Onslow™ No.48 at Rick's bar, situated in The Bristol hotel

For The Kensington’s restaurant, the architect sought for a shade that enhanced the mauve hues in a chinoiserie wallpaper by Thibaut Design chosen to feature in the restaurant. Mylands' iconic Soho Pink™ No.266 was the ideal colour. 

  • Soho Pink™ No.266 - a Mylands staple. This pink shade is not only pretty but baths a space in warmth and elegance.

‘[Soho Pink™ No.266] is a lovely tone that brings the whole interior scheme together, making it a more interesting room to dine at any time of the day.’ - Ananth Ramaswarmy


Walls and woodwork in Soho Pink™ No.266 at the Town House restaurant, in The Kensington hotel


Both projects featured these colours in Mylands’ Plant-Based Multi-Surface Paint in Eggshell (20% sheen).

Should you be staying at The Bristol or The Kensington, be sure to visit the restaurants to see our Mylands colours in situ.


Visit the hotels: 

The Bristol
Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QF, UK

The Kensington
109-113 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5LP, UK