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The trend towards maximalism continues apace, and Mylands has seen a return in popularity and demand to the bolder reds and yellows with consumers making braver decisions when it comes to choosing colour. Rather than following the minimalist constraints or design trends, maximalist colours tend to be layered with imagination and a no-rules approach which, when executed well, will transform rooms into timeless, meaningful, and beautiful spaces.


Mylands has seen a surge in demand for its selection of reds - from the brighter reds such as Indian Lake No.288 - to the deeper shades, adding an immediate touch of warmth and sophistication to any space.

Huguenot No. 49, one of Mylands’ most popular reds is a sumptuous crimson red from the Mylands’ archives, named after the rich silk weavings of the Huguenots.    

painted in Huguenot No.49

painted in PIMLICO NO.136


Yellows tend to be associated with optimism and happiness, and yellow in the home instantly livens up any interior. Often used just as an accent colour, this colour trend works well in all manner of spaces from dining rooms, living rooms through to children’s nurseries.

From the bold Pimlico No.136 with its yellow-orange ochre with Persian origins, through to Circle Line No.45’s bright traditional yellow, Mylands offers a variety of yellows that can be versatile and earthy adding a touch of sophistication to living spaces.  

In 2020 our sales increased significantly on strong reds and yellows which is interesting to see. As people focus more on their homes, they are wanting to introduce colour again instead of relying on the minimalist architectural greys which have been so popular for many years. The maximalist trend works well in many styles of interior, from the ornately traditional to the very modern, and introducing colour through a bolder choice of paint is a fun way for customers to update their homes without having to invest lots of time and money.

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