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Two Colour Combinations For Bedroom Walls

How do you want to feel when you enter your bedroom? Relaxed and zen? Uplifted and happy? Or maybe you just want pampered luxury as your bedroom look?

Your bedroom is your most personal space. It needs to be both comforting and soothing, but also functional and practical. So, the wall paint colours that you choose need to evoke the right feelings.

Here's an interior design idea that may help with your colour palette choice. You don’t need to stick to just one colour. Two colour combinations work so well on bedroom walls. Sometimes, a single colour scheme can be too much - too enveloping, too dramatic or simply too dark. Adding contrasting or complementary paint colours can result in the perfect mix for your bedroom.

Soothing blue and white walls

This is a great way to introduce some colour to a white space. If a completely white room feels a little plain, add an accent wall in a shade of blue.

Blue is a wonderful colour for bedrooms. It’s soothing and serene. It has a very calming effect. A blue and white pairing is a classic colour scheme. You know it will work. And blue plus white equals tranquillity, which is the perfect quality for a good night’s sleep.

Navy blue and crisp white are ideal paint colours for a master bedroom. It's a grown up, sophisticated and clean colour scheme.

In the picture below, Mylands' mid-blue Eaton Square™ No.232 paint brings warmth and glamour to the bedroom. The teal blue shade isn’t restricted to the wall paint colour. The theme continues to the headboard and cushions. The accent colour becomes a focal point in an otherwise white room.

Natural green and white walls

Here's a fresh bedroom idea. Your bedroom is the main room in which you lay back and gaze at the ceiling. So why not paint that fifth wall in your favourite colour?

Natural green tones create a comforting vibe - just what you want in your sleep zone. If you love outdoor living, a green ceiling is a great idea for you. It’s like waking up under a tree canopy without having to brave the elements.

Teaming natural green with white adds lightness and contrast. It’s a clean and fresh bedroom colour combination. The white allows the green to stand out and have its moment. There are so many shades of green, but a muted green will feel more restful than a vibrant, lime green for example.

Dramatic red plus soft, neutral walls

If you want to stamp some confident personality onto your bedroom walls, red is the best paint for a dramatic makeover. Mylands' Theatreland™ No.282 (pictured below) is a deep and interesting shade. It’s not a pure red, it combines shades including magenta which adds softness and complexity.

A fully red room may feel overwhelming in a bedroom. But by combining red with a soft neutral, you retain the interest but reduce the intensity. Use an off-white or an earthy neutral (pale taupe or very light brown) as a contrast wall colour.

Two colour combinations don’t have to involve painting one wall a different colour. You could combine the two colours on one wall. In the photo below, the red paint is only used on the lower half of the wall. The top half is the contrasting neutral shade. This works very effectively when you have character features such as panelling or a dado rail. Using contrasting wall colour combinations simply emphasise those features.

Lower bedroom walls in Theatre Land™ No.282, Upper walls in Pale Lilac™ No.246

Vivid yellow and bright white colour combination

If ever there was a colour combo to evoke a sunny disposition, it’s bright yellow and white. It’s the colour of daisies, Spring tulips and sunshine. What colour scheme could be more uplifting?

Yellow injects positive vibes into a room. Paired with white, it screams lightness and freshness. This bright colour scheme would transform a small, dark box room, giving it a totally different personality. It will enhance any natural light. Yellow is a versatile colour. It has different shades from sunny, bright yellow to the more muted mustard tone.

Yellow works so well with white, as you’ll see in the picture below which features Mylands' Haymarket™ No.47 yellow paint. But you can also team yellow with darker tones or shades of grey to great effect.

Fresh green and soft pink colour combination

Green and pink is a natural two-colour combination. Picture how they sit together in nature - a beautiful peony with its pink petals and green leaves or an apple tree in full blossom. Soft tones of green and pink (or even lilac) combine to evoke gentle and comforting feelings.

These are restful tones. That helps to set the ideal ambience for winding down. We all know the benefits of being out in nature, and these earthy tones bring those elements inside.

The avocado green shade used on the bedroom walls pictured below is Mylands' Stockwell Green™ No.203.

Lower walls in Stockwell Green™ No.203, Upper Walls in Clerkenwell™ No.21

Uplifting sky blue and leafy green two-tone walls

This is another earthy palette combination, albeit a more vibrant one. Clear blue skies are such a mood-booster, so why not look up to a sky blue ceiling or upper wall in your bedroom? That would be such a positive and uplifting sight on waking.

Pairing sky blue with leafy green is a natural winner. It’s energising. These shades of blue and green would work well on a child’s bedroom walls without dating as they grow older. It's an unusual design idea, but it makes sense as a two-colour combination.

Light blue and sunny yellow bedroom walls

This pastel palette combination is warm and bright. The pale shades bounce light around the room walls, making it feel fresher and brighter than it would with darker paint colours. As such, it’s an ideal wall colour combination for a nursery or small child’s room.

These are traditional baby colours, but that’s because they’re fit for purpose. They’re soft, playful and soothing paint colours. The lightness is great for daytime playtime whilst the soothing tones encourage relaxation at that all important sleep time.

Mylands' Golden Square™ No.131 is the yellow paint used on the child’s bedroom wall pictured below. It has an orange undertone which adds to the warmth and playful feeling of this golden yellow.

Playful primary colour combination

Updating a room with a pop of bright colour like red will completely alter the feeling. It adds vibrancy and really perks up a space.

Choose one aspect of the room to transform with the bold colour. It could be a shelving unit, wardrobe or alcove. It's a simple weekend DIY job! Create a cosy nook with a deep colour that will envelope you. That makes a perfect spot to curl up with a book.

Add hints of the accent colour elsewhere in the room to tie it all together. It may feature in your artwork, patterned soft furnishings or ornamental accessories. Mylands' Red Post Hill™ No.68 and Enamel Blue™ No.78 are both classic paint colours. The blue is serene whilst the postbox red brings some fun. It reflects the way a bedroom functions - a living space and sleeping area.

Choosing your bedroom's two-colour combination 

Your bedroom is your personal space. As such, the bedroom decor should reflect you. Consider how you want to feel on waking and whenever you use your bedroom. It could be your calming sanctuary or it could reflect your vibrant personality. Once you decide on the vibe that you want, you can refine your two-colour scheme. This blog should help you to create your best two-colour combination bedroom decor.

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