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Luxury Trade Paint

Mylands has more than 135 years of paint and colour experience, producing exceptional paints, in the heart of London, throughout five generations of the same family. When the brand was first established Mylands sold luxury trade paint only, and we became somewhat of an industry secret among interior designers and set artists alike. That was until 2012 when the  ‘Colours of London’ range was launched, offering luxury trade paint and decorative paint to the wider public for the first time.

Today, we are the last remaining paint manufacturer in London, and the only decorative paint and polish producer in Britain to hold a Royal Warrant, the ultimate seal of approval.

Our Selection of Luxury Trade Paint

The Mylands name is associated with paints that are authentic, rich and highly pigmented. Our thick, lustrous paints offer outstanding coverage and are exceptionally hard wearing as well as easy to use.

Finding a luxury trade paint is important, as your business and reputation relies on making your customers happy. Our paints are blended using only superior ingredients, such as natural earth pigments, based on recipes that have been perfected over Mylands 135 year history. Mylands luxury trade paints are a pleasure to work with, beautiful to look at, and kind to the environment.

We produce over 160 colours, and we also offer bespoke colour mixing, so no matter how unique your customers tastes are, we will be able to offer a suitable shade. Furthermore, our luxury trade paints are available in a range of finishes to suit every application need.



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