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Mylands is an official partner of the Decortive Fair - Visit the Spring Edition 2024
Wall in Museum No.151

Since 1985, The Decorative Fair has showcased a wide range of antiques, fine and decorative art, and 20th-century design, in the heart of London, in Battersea Park.
With over 130 international and UK based exhibitors, showcasing exceptional furnitures, antiques, artworks, sculptures, the family-owned event has rightfully earned its strong reputaiton as the UK's must-visit event for interior desiners. Mylands, as a paint and wood polishes manufacturer was a natural partner for the event.

The Spring Fair, taking place from Tuesday 7th May in Battersea Park, London, will have a focus on the outdoor presenting an exciting range of garden statuary, objects, furniture, urns and outdoor decoration along with its traditional antiques and art pieces. Mylands has launched earlier this month an outdoor paint collection in partnership with Jinny Blom, revealing a colour palette designed with the outdoor in mind, which resonates with the Fair theme.

For this edition, Mylands has worked closely with the exhibitors, helping them to find the perfect colour to complement their display.
Featuring colours from all our collections, Colours of London, the Archive collection and the Film, Theatre and Television palette, the Spring edition fair will give visitors a unique opportunity to discover Mylands colours in a unique setting.

The fair will be taking place at Evolution London, Battersea Park, from Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th May 2024. 

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Previous Fair editions: The Decorative Fair Winter Edition (January 2024)

The Winter Fair, which took place in Battersea in January 2024 showcased a fantastic selection of Mylands richly pigmented paints. From the iconic Enamel Blue to the classic Stockell Green, discover how exhibitors used colours to showcase their antiques, fabrics and artworks.

Previous Edition: 
Decorative Fair Winter 2024  
DSC_5087-CRAIG CARRINGTON MYLANDS.jpg__PID:8f789165-bd63-4411-884b-d4bc471e575d
DSC_5070-SU MASON MYLANDS.jpg__PID:9165bd63-f411-484b-94bc-471e575d47b7
The Decorative Fair 2024 Winter Edition - Cal Smith Gallery Stand - Walls in Whitehall No.9 - Feed - square.jpg__PID:fdbe9c68-1a1e-4f78-9165-bd63f411084b
The Decorative Fair 2024 Winter Edition - Hudson Antiques - Walls in Hoxton Grey No.72 - Feed - square.jpg__PID:1a1e8f78-9165-4d63-b411-084bd4bc471e
The Decorative Fair 2024 Winter Edition - Muse The Sculpture Company - Walls in Mid Wedgewood No.113 - Feed - square.jpg__PID:9c681a1e-8f78-4165-bd63-f411084bd4bc

From left to right: Craig Carrington using Enamel Blue™ No.78; Su Mason using Stockwell Green™ No.203; Cal Smith Gallery using Whitehall™ No.9; Hudson Antiques using Hoxton Grey™ No.72; and Muse The Sculpture Gallery using Lavender Garden™ No.30.