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What Are the Interior Colour Trends for 2023?

Interior colour trends for 2023

We’ve consulted trend forecasters, WGSN to determine the paint colours that will be on-trend next year. With their insights, we can all be one step ahead of the interior design trends.

Mylands Colour of the Year in 2022 was Rose Taupe™ No.292. It’s a contemporary neutral, a warm tone that is timeless and easy to pair with other paint colours.

The decor trends for 2023 have varying colour palettes, from soft earth tones to bold jewel tones. There’s something for everyone. But our advice is not to choose a colour just because it’s ‘trendy’. Always choose colour schemes that you love. The way you feel in your home is so important.

Hot Barbie pink colours

Greta Gerwig’s hotly-anticipated Barbie film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, will be released in Summer 2023. It’s inspired the return of bright Barbie pink.

The fashion world is already talking about pink Barbie-eqsue fashion and the return of the Barbie aesthetic. Valentino’s A/W 2022 collection was all black and pink. An array of celebrities including Lizzo, Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid have been spotted in full hot pink outfits. So if you’re ready to open the trendbook on the pink page, this is the season to do it.

That’s why we’ve chosen Mylands FTT-006™ as the colour of 2023. It’s positive, uplifting and characterful - a cheery combination of magenta and strong red. This hot pink colour will add a touch of drama and warm personality to a room. Pair it with the softer pink colour like Floris™ No.27 to cheer up a room instantly.

Walls in FTT-006™

Verdigris and earthy green colours

In fashion, Chanel’s usual tweed made an appearance at their Paris Couture Week show, but there was also a lot of earthy, muted greens.

WGSN has predicted that moving into 2023 and 2024, the earthy Sage Leaf green will become a major player. This is thanks to our slowed-down lifestyles and rediscovery of rest and relaxation.

“Consumers will be sensitive to overstimulation and look to environments and colours which reduce anxiety and stress levels.” WGSN.

This feeling translates well to interiors. People are looking to make their homes as restful and comfortable as possible. According to WGSN, sage green is “a good all-rounder for walls and furniture, [and] can also be used to soften smart home devices”

Teal has been a popular choice of late. Next up, we’ll see different earthy greens in our living room. Sage green is a firm favourite, but we will also see deep leafy greens like Brompton Road™ No.205 and avocado green such as Stockwell Green™ No.203.

Dark oak and deep brown neutral tones

Dark Oak and deep shades of brown have been gaining popularity of late. Both WGSN and Coloro predict Dark Oak as one of their key shades for A/W 2022 and 2023.

The appeal is its timelessness, neutrality, and how well it pairs with other key colours in the new season. For fashion, they have predicted this as we move towards slower, circular fashion and away from micro trends.

In interiors, the trend forecasters see a shift towards dark wood finishes. We’ve seen natural materials as a trend for a while, but dark oak is the new take on this decor trend. Think dark oak dining room furniture, coffee tables or flooring.

“A shift towards darker wood finishes and a rich patina will enhance this colour's importance for interiors.” WGSN

Rich, chocolate browns will continue to be popular. Nutshell is predicted as a key colour for 2024. If this is the trend for you, consider Mylands London Brown™ No.287 - a rich and comforting, warm and welcoming paint colour.

Chair in London Brown™ No.287, Walls in - Wirztapeten Switzerland

Bright, bold colour palettes

In contrast to the muted, earthy tones mentioned above, bright colours are also on the trend forecasters’ radar for 2023 and into 2024. Bright colours reflect hope and positivity as we continue to move forward from the pandemic.

Jenny Clark, Head of Colour at WGSN, credited the popularity of bright colours as “raising our energy levels or grounding us back down.”

Which jewel tones and bright colours are on trend? WGSN and Coloro predict that Fondant Pink, Radiant Red, Elemental Blue and Cyber Lime will be key colours for S/S 24. Add a splash of vibrant colour on an accent wall, a sofa or even just with cushions and throws.

Lavenders and lilacs continue to be popular. As we move into 2023, pastel shades will shift subtly from dusty purples to sweet pale pinks. Mylands Floris™ No.27 fits this description wonderfully.

Warm golden yellows

As with the bright colour trend, yellow fulfils a consumer’s need for colours that resonate with hope and positivity.

Coloro has named Honeycomb as one of the key colours to look for in A/W 2023. Rather than bright, overpowering yellows, golden yellows with ochre tones are expected to prove popular.

WGSN has also predicted peachy orange shades as a key colour. Yellows with golden undertones sit well within this colour scheme of deep ochres, dusty oranges and earthy terracotta.

In fashion, we’ve seen brands like Roksanda embrace warm ochres over lighter shades of butter.

Similarly to sage green, gold yellows and ochres are warm, inviting and calming, making them perfect and in-demand shades for interior design. Mylands Beehive Place™ No.140 and Golden Square™ No.131 will be your go-to golden yellow paint colours of the season.

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