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Colour Combinations and Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tis the season to be colourful! As the world detangles their Christmas lights and unpacks their Christmas cheer, we will guide you through the design trends this holiday season. Whatever your interior design dream is this year, make it come true with Mylands.

So, open your advent calendars, one day at a time, as we count down to the final days of Christmas, and all this season’s frostiest home decor trends!

Our Pale Lilac No.246 and our Myrtle Green No.168 are out to play this season. But how can you pull these schemes together? And what Christmas decorating ideas will work best with a pastel Christmas? Snuggle up with a hot cup of mulled wine while we take you through the trends you need to know for the festive season.

Trending Colour Combinations Christmas 2023 – Christmas Pastels

Whitehall No.9 (Walls) FTT-004 (Dining Table) Islington No.23 (Wood & Metal - Chairs) Christmas Dining Room 08 - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:4d368f3b-3459-48aa-8dc9-e728a37bb109

Walls in Whitehall™ No.9, Dining Table in FTT-004™, Chair in Islington™ No.23

Whitehall No.9 (Walls) FTT-004 (Dining Table) Islington No.23 (Wood & Metal - Chairs) Christmas Dining Room 07 - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:8f3b3459-58aa-4dc9-a728-a37bb10924a5

Walls in Whitehall™ No.9, Dining Table in FTT-004™, Chair in Islington™ No.23

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Embrace a Winter Wonderland this season by pairing a pastel with a wintry white. Maugham White™ No.02 has a frosty undertone of a colder grey and blue as there is less colour in the white for the pastel to compete with. Try using Maugham White™ No.02 with any colours from our Christmas colour palette and you have found your perfect match.

Go for a minimalist scheme and stick to one of our neutrals, Holbein Chamber™ No.07 and Whitehall™ No.09 (seen above) are a great choice for this look.

Try Myrtle Green™ No.168, Early Lavender™ No.260 and Maugham White™ No.02 for a unique pastel scheme that feels sophisticated and modern.

Add some romance in your living room or bedroom this holiday season with one of the fastest growing colour trends of 2023 – soft pinks. They have dominated the neutral space in interior design world this year and are not slowing down. For a minimalist, whimsical scheme. 

Try our winter white - Maugham White™ No.2 with Pale Lilac™ No.246 and Osterley™ No.25 - this trio will reflect kindness and generosity this season.

To really heat this scheme up, try adding our FTT-01™ - Rich Gold to the mix and you’ll be the envy of your family at the dining table this Christmas.

Break the ice this December with frosted, pale blues. The studious tone has a lot to say and will create a thoughtful tone through your living room or study. Try pairing Walpole™ No.42 with Myrtle Green™ No.168, for a subtle, icy blue which will intensify the warmth of the green undertones.

Complement this welcoming duo with our homely Belgravia No.6 for a stylish, modern scheme or Maugham White™ No.2 to offer the perfect combination of a Christmas tree against a crisp winter blue morning sky.

Brompton Road No. 205 (Walls)_Mylands_Christmas_Portrait_2020 - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:151ae026-21e3-49ce-ab3b-4fbff9582af5

Wall in Brompton Road™ No.205, Complementary Colour FTT-001™ - Rich Gold

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some holiday season sparkle. The wonderful thing about FTT-001™ - Rich Gold is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect choice for a small DIY project this Christmas. Add an edgy metallic touch to any pastel scheme with this rich, decadent shade. Try adding this gold to your “Kindness of Pinks” scheme, or heat up those chilly, pale blues.

Pair it with Myrtle Green™ No.168 or Maritime™ No.236 to see the two go head-to-head in a sumptuous fight for your attention. This gold is here for all of your festive looks.

Trend Report! Christmas Decorating Ideas

Glass adornment will add a light, magical touch to any space. The translucency provides aeration while the form and colour will add intrigue. The best part is you can use this to really show off your personality this Christmas by using it in whatever way suites your interior design style. Glass baubles, snow globes, glass Christmas ornaments, glass Christmas lights, coloured glass for your tablescapes and table settings, glass vases, glass candle holders. Whatever suits you and your design aesthetic!

This holiday season, less is more! Go for an understated, sophisticated approach to what can be an explosion of colourful tinsels, baubles and Christmas ornaments! You can embrace this trend by going for a more simplistic colour story for your dining table or your Christmas trees.

This season white and metallic Christmas trees and poinsettia plants are making a play for the minimalistic spotlight as well as white and metallic tablescapes with a simple white napkin adorned with a golden Christmas napkin holder.

Of all the decorations you get out of the Christmas cupboard tis year, bows will be the most important! The humble Christmas bow has been overlooked for years and now its back with a bang. Go all out with large luxe bows that drape across your space. 

Simple can create a glam and a well thought out space. Another way to embrace the minimalist feel is to add simple foliage to your home this Christmas, decorate your doorways, entryways, staircases and mantelpiece with a simple eucalyptus or some minimal greenery mixed in with Christmas lights, or a few pinecones. It will add a touch of minimalist magic!

We’ve been dreaming of a Blue Christmas

The colour of Christmas this year is the omnipotent, protective, loyal blue! This blue Christmas trend has gone all out this holiday season, with blue Christmas trees trending, as with all-blue Christmas ornaments, to all-blue tablescapes and table settings.

Blue Christmas lights will add to the drama and try a hint of blue with all of your holiday décor. Make a statement with a sensational blue front door, with a blue themed Christmas Wreath! Go all out and use Christmas gift wrapping for the presents under the tree.

A blue Santa? Maybe that’s too far!

christmas -12 - Medium.jpg__PID:7c258adf-3337-4919-a5d2-be53ce7bf4bf

If you’re exploring a new twist on a classic Christmas, redecorating your living room or planning on a small DIY project this December, we have the inspiration you need to deck your halls with holiday décor to create a festive look. Mylands is coming to town!

Merry Christmas and a happy new home!

How do I choose a Christmas theme colour?

Firstly, think about how you want to feel and how you want your guests to feel. Are you trying to recreate Christmases gone by, or start some new traditions?

What are you working with - a large, open area or a more intimate, small space? That may help you to determine whether to go for lighter or darker colours.

Think about your existing colour schemes and how you want to enhance them. Metallics will add sparkle and glamour. Natural greens add comfort and reassurance along with an air of nostalgic tradition. Plus, natural greenery is ideal for DIY displays and decorations.

For more ideas on colour schemes, visit our House of Colour Blog.