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Mylands End Of Year Wrap Up 2023

As the year draws to a close, we are thrilled to reflect on the incredible journey we have taken together in the world of colour! From trendy neutrals to bold statement hues, 2023 has been a canvas of creativity and we are excited to share with you some of our favourite collaborations from the year.

Jen Brake @halfpaintedhouse

When you think of colour and beautiful interior inspiration, Jen Brake is the one to go to. From soft blush tones to bold fuchsia, Jen effortlessly blends hues to create spaces that are both stylish and exude joy. To update her bookcase, Jen choose FTT-006 Shocking Pink to create a bold and bright bookcase, complimented alongside Threadneedle No.262 for her walls. Coupled together, these shades transformed Jen’s living space into a masterpiece of sophistication. For her seating area, Pale Lilac No.247 was used to enhance the atmosphere for a cosier approach.

Ben and Paul have transformed their Georgian hall into a 21st-century dream home whilst still retaining all the charm and heritage of the building. They have blended contemporary design with classical elements, creating a harmonious fusion of old and new. The interiors are a masterpiece of colour palettes, luxurious textures, and carefully curated décor, showing a keen eye for design that transcends time. Mylands was proud to be involved in this immense project that created an interior spectacle. Our particular favourites are the bright and airy, open-plan kitchen and dining space created using Holbein Chamber No.7, and the cosy living room that features Long Acre No,102.

Long Acre™ No.102 W&M Matt (Walls, Ceiling & Woodwork)_Sitting Room_Mylands_Portrait_@thecountryhousediaries_6 - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:b95ea188-1455-4cef-9204-2bc704faec7b

Walls, Woodwork and ceiling in Long Acre™ No.102@thecountryhousediaries 

Laura Butler-Madden @laurabultermadden

Laura Butler-Madden is an interior designer who has mastered the art of creating inviting and soothing spaces with a palette of off-white and neutral tones. Laura has impeccable taste and a keen eye for detail. Her designs effortlessly blend warmth and sophistication, making every room and statuary of tranquillity. In the past year, Laura has created chic and stylish interiors, using warm off-whites like Holland Park No.5 and Kensington Rose No.22. The clean aesthetic that Laura captures so well has been a well-loved interior design trend of 2023, proving that the colours you choose don’t have to be bright and bold to make a statement.

Siobhan Ferguson @siobhase

Siobhan Ferguson has curated some beautiful projects over 2023, her use of colour in collaboration with perfectly selected soft furnishings creates inspiring interiors. In one of her projects, Siobhan looked to encapsulate a dark and moody drawing room using Lock Keeper No.18, which resulted in a cosy living space. Siobhan also opted for Rose Theatre no.249 in another living room project which created a brighter space that still remains warm and inviting. Siobhan’s projects highlight how colour plays a great role in changing the mood of a room and that choosing the right tone can impact the thoughts and feelings that arise from different interiors.