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Introducing Mylands new plant-based olive stone emulsion paint

If, like us, you prioritise sustainability and minimising your impact on the planet, then you’ll be keen to discover our innovative new paint finish - Olive Stone Emulsion. It’s made from ground olive stone powder which is a by-product of the olive oil industry. To that, plant-based resin is combined. The result is quite remarkable. It’s not just better for the environment, it’s a wonderful result for you too as the high quality ultra matt finish looks beautiful, has a naturally deep colour and is exceptionally long-lasting.

Dominic Myland, CEO, says:

“This is a radical step for Mylands in our bid for a higher percentage of plant-based ingredients and a lower carbon footprint all while maintaining the quality and aesthetic for our clients. The beauty of being a family run business with our own production is that we have the freedom to innovate and develop new qualities and collections that we feel passionate about. Olive Stone Emulsion is a perfect example for this. While our paints have always been high quality and we had already developed a multi-surface plant-based paint, this is a huge step for us and an exciting milestone on our environmental journey. As you’d expect from Mylands, the quality and finish is amazing, it’s wonderful to paint with and gives a really beautiful true matt finish.”

Walls in Soho Pink™ No.266 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Here are 5 reasons to love Mylands new plant-based Olive Stone Emulsion paint

  • Natural ingredients
  • Ethical sourcing
  • High quality
  • Sustainability
  • Depth of colour

Natural paint

At Mylands, we’ve been committed to reducing chemicals and microplastics in our paints for over 12 years. Through innovation and experimentation, we’ve developed our plant-based paint ranges. We choose to use natural earth pigments in our paint, and we’re one of the last remaining manufacturers to do so. Why? Because the result is a sumptuous rich colour and it’s so much more environmentally friendly.

The new Olive Stone Emulsion has an impressive 56% bio-based content. There’s the innovative ground olive stone powder, coupled with a resin based on a plant oil. This produces a long-lasting, durable coverage.

Walls in Soho Pink™ No.266 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Walls in Stockwell Green™ No.203 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Ethical sourcing

The oils used in our paint are carefully and ethically sourced. Many of the mineral fillers derive from natural clays, all of which are sourced in a mindful and fair way.

Walls in Long Acre™ No.102 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Walls in Cornhill™ No.128 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Superior quality and durability

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t reduce our commitment to quality. Moreover, using ethical, natural, plant-based ingredients only serves to enhance and improve our products. Mylands’ paints have been awarded the A+ rating for French Interior VOC testing, the best rating possible. They’re also easy to apply and wipe clean, quick drying and have practically no odour. Plus, the durability of the paint is excellent, very long-lasting.


Mylands is committed to ensuring its future as a company is an environmentally conscious one – minimising its impact on the planet. It’s a journey that’s ongoing, but one the company is committed to. We’re not new to recycling paint, but this Autumn we’ll launch a range of upcycled paints which use leftover ingredients, cancelled orders and mistinted batches.

Walls in Long Acre™ No.102 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Walls in Soho Pink™ No.266 - Olive Stone Emulsion

Deep, rich colour

Olive Stone is an ultra matt finish, not as you may think, another gorgeous olive green paint colour like Beauvais or Chester Square. This new finish has a beautiful feel to it (and it’s easy to wipe clean) with 2% sheen. The natural pigments used produce colour-rich results. It’s suitable for all interior walls and ceilings, especially those high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. And with over 180 paint colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the shade that’s right for you. Olive Stone Emulsion is available now in all colours. Shop our extensive range of paint colours and find out more about our ethical natural paint