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Turn function into beauty

woodwork from left to right: blueprint™ no.50 wood & metal gloss, haymarket™ no.47 and huguenot™ no.49 wood & metal eggshell, ftt-018™ wood & metal matt, theatre land™ no. 282 wood & metal eggshell

Make your bookshelves as exciting as their contents. Explore bold colourways to really make an impact against satisfyingly clean design with these painted storage ideas. Mylands Wood & Metal paints are easy to apply, fast drying, scrubbable and available in three different finishes: Matt, Eggshell or Gloss.

Taking note from Jen Brake of @halfpaintedhouse epic built-in bookcase of bright fuchsia pink encompassing the door and bookshelves in this striking dining room feature. A statement piece painted in FTT-006™ Wood & Metal Eggshell against soft Threadneedle™ No.262 Marble Matt Emulsion walls.

woodwork in FTT-006™ wood & metal eggshell, walls in Threadneedle™ no.262 marble matt emulsion

When constructing cabinetry consider a combination of enclosed and open shelving in your kitchen design. Enabling the option to showcase beautiful kitchen ware whilst simultaneously tidying away other utensils. In the exquisite home of designer Laura Butler Madden @laurabutlermaden, subtle pale pink Kensington Rose™ No.22 Marble Matt walls come together with off white Holland Park™ No.5 Wood & Metal Matt cabinetry. An oasis of calm, these soothing light shades perfectly complement yet modernise the classic Georgian architecture of this stunning Townhouse based in bath. 

Walls in kensington rose no.22 marble matt emulsion, cabinetry in holland park no.5 wood & metal matt

walls in kensington rose no.22 marble matt emulsion, cabinetry in holland park no.5 wood & metal matt

If open shelving feels too exposed, wooden cabinetry with glass fronted cabinets work well too as an alternative. In this rustic free-flowing kitchen, dining and living area, complementary colours of similar tones can be used to great effect to clearly zone different areas. While the warm tones of Honest John™ No.58 for the walls and cooler off-white Charterhouse™ No.4 Marble Matt Emulsion for the ceilings cleverly unify the kitchen, dining room and living room, the large space is given definition with the sage green cabinetry of Greenstone™ No.190 Wood & Metal Matt. Desaturated tones can define an open-plan space and introduce colourful personality without overwhelming it.

cabinetry in greenstone™ no.190 wood & metal matt, walls in honest john™ no.58 and ceiling in charterhouse™ no.4 marble matt emulsion

Turn function into beauty with in-room wardrobes, as seen in this sophisticated boot-room designed by @couch_design. Downing Street™ No.10 Wood & Metal Eggshell applied to woodwork looks uber sleek.

woodwork in downing street™ no.10 wood & metal eggshell

Utilise space with head-to toe built-ins with a combination of shelves and hanging space, a ladder acts as a seamless solution for those hard-to-reach shelves as well as an interesting design focal point.

cabinetry in pure white™ no.1 wood & metal eggshell

Mylands formulations are exceptionally hardwearing with unrivalled coverage and depth of colour, making them ideal for high traffic areas. All Mylands paints are water based with low VOC content, making them kind to you, your family, and the environment.