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Summer 2024 Palette

Summer 2024 Palette

A curated palette of captivating hues that reflects the sunny landscapes, warm summer days and essence of summertime. From soft blush pinks of blooming flowers to the soothing powder blues of clear skies, celebrate summertime with colours that are lively and refreshing to let your interiors shine with the brilliance of summer all year round.

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Brushstroke of Belgravia No.6, a Warm White Paint Belgravia™ No.6
N o .6

Belgravia™ No.6

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Brushstroke of Coral Orange No.277, a Vibrant Coral Orange Paint Egerton Place™ No.297
N o .297

Egerton Place™ No.297

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Brushstroke of Hoxton Grey No.72, a Neutral Dark Grey Paint Hoxton Grey™ No.72
N o .72

Hoxton Grey™ No.72

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Brushstroke of Greenstone No.190, a Soft Grey Green Paint Greenstone™ No.190
N o .190

Greenstone™ No.190

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Brushstroke of Morning Blue No.32, a Light Blue Paint Morning Blue™ No.32
N o .32

Morning Blue™ No.32

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Brushstroke of Floris No.27, a Blush Pink Paint Floris™ No.27
N o .27

Floris™ No.27

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