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10 Grey Paint Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Look

If you are looking to change the colour scheme of your master bedroom or guestroom, and white feels too obvious and tiresome, grey may just be the perfect choice for you.

You may have seen a lot of grey in interior design magazines lately. The new classic in interior design, grey walls have replaced the traditional white bedroom for quite some years now, and with good reason.

In this post, we'll go through why you should try grey in your home and share some of our favourite bedroom decor ideas.

Why should you paint your bedroom grey?

Grey is versatile, adds a touch of style, and plays along with other colours to achieve specific effects for both a modern and rustic look. Additionally, compared to white paint, grey is not an option that you will be looking to change each year.

 Finally, grey is not technically a colour, it is a mixture of black and white, so depending on the amount of black you add, you will have a darker grey, which can be described as a percentage. For this reason, you may come across greys of 10%, 25%, 50% etc. which can each bring a drastically unique feel to a space. You can also add undertones of almost any colour, for example, a red tint to achieve a pinkish-grey (such as Soho House No. 266.)

How to get it right with grey

In colour psychology, grey represents peace and balance.

Grey interior decorations have a neutral look, feeling elegant and timeless, which can make them the perfect choice if you want a design that will stand the test of time.

If your bedroom receives little natural light, you can trick the eye by making the space feel larger and airier with a light grey. This choice is ideal if you're looking for something minimalist and monochromatic but with a little more punch than plain white. On the other hand, if it's sophistication and style that you're looking for, you should opt for the cooler, darker shades of grey.

If your bedroom receives plenty of natural light, be careful with choosing greys as they may end up looking lilac, bluish, or colder than what you had in mind. Look for greys and other design ideas that will counterbalance the amount of light that your room receives.

Dark grey, with greenish undertones or deep charcoal shades, add warmth and will instantly make everything else in your bedroom look better. Dark grey walls work very well with pastels, neons, and other bright colours.

For any kind of ambience you want in your bedroom, grey can pair very well with other colours and create a deep space full of its own personality.

Which colour combinations can you use with grey when painting your room? Check the grey decorating ideas below to incorporate these colour schemes into your own home.

Grey bedroom ideas

1 - Grey and White Bedroom

Combining the neutrality of white with a light grey helps ensure a sufficient amount of light for our bedroom, and adds to its tranquility. These shades can be used to accompany the decoration of the room by delimiting specific areas with the paint.

A lower wall colour of Greenstone™ No.190 alongside upper walls in Maugham White™ No.2 feature in this exquisite bedroom design by @whitstable_view - successfully creating a space radiating calmness and simplicity. @krispiotrowski_

2. Light Grey and Dark Green

Adding an olive green to a light grey colour scheme gives a sense of freshness and depth. It will not darken the room due to the grey colour bringing the clarity and contrast needed to appreciate it. The bed frame, painted in a darker grey adds contrast to the grey walls and the minimalist bedroom furniture and fabric add to the contemporary look and feel of this modern bedroom.

A tranquil bedroom painted with Serpentine™ No.192 applied to the top wall and ceiling against Syon Park™ No.13 on the lower walls.⁣

3. Pink Bedroom and Grey Furnishings

Pink hues provide a warm and soothing haven for rest and relaxation. The dusty tones of a paint like Soho House No.266 used on the walls can meld peacefully together against soft grey bed linen and a dark grey bed frame. More calming pink soft furnishings and gold accents can add to the delicacy of this bedroom colour scheme.

More Pink and Grey Bedroom ideas include using light shades of grey and a hint of pink evoke a very feminine yet calm presence (depending on the intensity of the pink). By using green undertones in the grey you can generate a beautiful and relaxing complement.

4- Grey and Blue

By mixing electric blue and dark grey, you'll add a bold and strong character to your bedroom. This is a good colour palette bringing a modern look that is often associated with masculinity.

5- Grey and Gold

Just like black, grey paint mixes very well with most colours. Adding a warm and shiny color such as gold, you can generate a luxurious and sparkling complement at the same time.

6 - Grey and Orange

Dark shades of grey evoke industrial settings and moods, by adding an adventurous and bold colour like orange or peach, we add power to a mostly calm and neutral environment.

7 - Grey and Teal

A pale grey is a perfect backdrop for teal. A light grey bedroom pairs well with a teal contrast whether it's in a headboard, furnishing, fabrics or framed art. To enhance the warm grey feel of a room, try an accent wall in teal.

Beautiful bedroom decor, utilising BURLINGTON ARCADE™ NO.216 on the cupboards, and MUSEUM™ NO.151 on the walls

8 - Grey and Red

Cool shades of grey give a refined finish, adding a little red, both on the walls and with the bedding will convey warmth and a sense of passion. Adding an earth tone or taupe accent in fabric (curtains or carpets) will make this set perfect.

Neutral pinkish grey and red walls surround this modern bedroom, with PALE LILAC™ NO.246 on the upper walls, and THEATRE LAND™ NO.282 on the lower woodwork

9 - Grey and Yellow

If you want your bedroom paint colours to convey enthusiasm and a positive atmosphere, you will need a palette that reminds you of sunny days. Choosing a soft, soothing grey tone mixed with a spring yellow will transport you straight to the great outdoors whilst enjoying the tranquillity of your newly designed room.

bright lower walls in HAYMARKET™ NO.47, with upper walls and ceiling in HONEST JOHN™ NO.58

10 - Grey and Beige

Using soft shades of grey when decorating your room can make it feel relaxing, but adding a palette of earthy tones can take this relaxing feeling to the next level. Complement your light grey with a beige and let yourself be carried away by the tranquil experience.