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A Touch of Red

With Chinese New Year being celebrated on 10th February, Mylands extends its warmest wishes for the start of the Year of the Dragon. 

In the spirit of the festivities, Mylands has adorned dragon sculptures in an array of red shades and finishes.

The colour red holds a variety of meanings in our everyday, however for Chinese New Year, this shade is seen as a symbol of good fortune, joy and protection. 

Red has become a trending colour within interiors as it brings timeless elegance and dramatic warmth with undertones of magentas and oranges to give life to spaces.

We take a deeper delve into how to enhance your interiors with our richly pigmented collection of reds and the multiple finishes available to enhance not only the walls and ceilings, but a multitude of surfaces too.  

Colour Drenching

Recently there has been a significant rise in the use of bold and vibrant hues. One of the most recent trends within interior design incorporates the technique known as 'colour drenching'. 

Colour drenching is about engulfing your selected room in a single colour, from the ceilings down to the skirting boards, even the furnishings, should you desire.  

It is a big commitment that makes a bold impact. By using red all over, this allows you to enter a space and feel enveloped by warmth and a sense of comfort. 

Colour Combinations with Reds

With the increasing popularity towards bolder colours, an ongoing trend leads towards maximilism and creating character within your space. 

There are plenty of colour combinations that match with red to help elevate and build drama within a space. 

An example of this is Mylands' Huguenot™ No.49 shade paired with Haymarket™ No.47, or bolder version coupling Huguenot™ No.49 with a dazzling, bestseller FTT-001™ - Rich Gold

Haymarket No.47 (Cabinetry & Walls)_Huguenot No.49_Utility_Portrait 3 - Feed - square.jpg__PID:ae0a2a7c-ad80-4c55-85b1-16c9cdf0b5a2

Walls in Haymarket™ No.47 and Shelving in Huguenot™ No.49

Pale Lilac™ No.246 (Walls), Osterley™ No.25 (Skirting - W&M Eggshell), Huguenot™ No.49 (W&M Gloss - Table), Cadogan Stone™ No.59 (Floorboards)_Mylands_Dining Room_Portrait_02 - Feed - square.jpg__PID:16506c8c-6cbf-4c92-8e11-57d28c4eb006

Dining Table in Huguenot™ No.49, Walls in Pale Lilac™ No.246, Skirting Board in Osterley™ No.25 and Floorboards in Cadogan Stone™ No.59

Adding Hints of Red 

Painting an entire room can be a significant leap, whether you choose to paint the walls or opt to go for the previously mentioned trend, colour drenching. Sometimes it is best to start small. 

Commiting to a bold colour such as red can feel overwhelming, so why not consider adding subtle hints of it through furniture or floorboard to add character and draw the eye.  

Mylands paint is not just meant to be used on the walls and ceilings. Its range of colours are offered in paints that are multi surface with a variety of finishes from matt to gloss. For a subtle way to bring red into your room, consider painting your dining table and the accompanying chairs. To bring a red look into your bedroom, you could consider painting a chest of drawers or even the bed frame. 

Bespoke Shades of Red

When it comes to colour, sometimes there is a shade you would love to see in your decoration schemes but not available on the market, or an item you are building your moodboard around that proves difficult to match with what is already available. 

The expert colour scientist team at Mylands looks to create and match bespoke colour needs. Mylands has had the pleasure of creating unique colours for institutions, most notably the National Portrait Gallery and Dulwich Picture Gallery; film and media production including Star Wars, and individuals within the creative sphere such as author Kate Watson-Smyth and consultant Andrea Geradin. 

McCartney NPG Exhibition - Feed - square.jpg__PID:67140eec-c4a3-4739-a413-c8f301be7ca9

Walls in a bespoke red for the 'Paul McCartney Photographs' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Thinking about adding red into your next project, discover Mylands' variety of shades and finishes to discover the right shade for you.