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Once relegated to skirting boards in hallways, gloss colours have come to the fore and are being used for high impact schemes inside and outside the home. Practical as well as beautiful, a reflective finish can bring interest and dimension to any room of the house, whether highlighting architectural or design details or bouncing the light around a darker space.

Gloss works well with any colour: lustruous whites can be used to highlight a detail in a subtle way, and darker shades can be enhanced with an attractive sheen to bring depth and drama to a space. For a high impact lacquer finish, multiple layers of gloss paint can be applied to create incredible intensity of colour and sheen.

As well as bringing interest and feeling pleasing to the touch, a gloss finish is highly durable and can withstand the knocks and wear of high traffic areas. For use in kitchens or hallways, Mylands’ wipeable finish means that even stubborn stains can be easily cleaned.  

Gloss paints have always been popular for their functionality, and now they are being used to bring a shot of polished modernity to an interior. Designers have been using them for many years to create beautiful interiors, and now this is more popular than ever before.

WOODWORK IN Lolly Pop No.275


Our tips for gloss are:

• As ever, preparation is key to a good finish, and with gloss it’s particularly important as the light play can highlight any bumps and blemishes already existing on the surface.

• For a smooth, professional looking finish, lightly sand the surface and use a primer, and sand that too. We always recommend two coats for a rich gloss finish.

• For those not wanting to commit to an entire room, use gloss on design features such as mouldings, doors, window frames or to accentuate a piece of furniture. It will help to punctuate the room and add interest.

• You can paint visual effects by contrasting a gloss and a matt of the same colour in once space.  

Unlike the traditional oil-based gloss paints, Mylands’ water-based formulations ensure a low VOC content, are easy to apply and almost odoourless, with quick drying times and effortess clean-up of brushes in water. Mylands is one of the last remaining manufacturers to use natural earth pigments, resulting in superior depth and colour as well as being eco-friendly.

The subtle hint of yellow  brings a fun freshness to this kids room, contrasting with the cheery coral orange. The gloss finish is wipeable and scrubbable for the most stubborn felt tip marks.

Walls in Lemon Salts No.43, skirting and window frame in Hurlingham No.181, beds in Lolly Pop No.275 gloss.

Bouncing light around the bedroom, the high gloss finish of the wardrobe intensifies the blue of Burlington Arcade No.216 and beautifully contrasts the Marble Matt finish of the paler walls.  

Museum No.151 on the wall and Burlington Arcade No.216 on the doors

Inky and all-enveloping, the gloss finish of the shelves gives the darkly hued blue a light reflection that makes it sophisticated and easy to live with.

Blueprint No.50 shelving units, Stone Castle No.71 walls and Lock Keeper No.18 doorframe and skirting.

Gloss is an ideal finish for a kitchen, bringing a modern touch to period features and offering the benefit of a truly durable and scrubbable finish for frequently used cabinetry.
Messel No.39 gloss cabinets and St. James Marble Matt Emulsion walls No.40.