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How to style modern Georgian interior design

Georgian decorating style explained

If you’re wondering what Georgian buildings look like, head to Bath. The historic city is defined by its beautiful Georgian properties, from spacious country houses to central Georgian townhouses. When you look at the famous Royal Crescent for example, you’ll notice the distinctive Palladian architectural details like statuesque columns and high ceilings. The look can easily transport you back to the Georgian period and you can imagine horse-drawn carriages pulling up outside the grand country houses.

The beauty of Georgian homes is their delicious symmetry. A big part of the visual appeal of a Georgian house is the interior design which has an order and symmetry to it. That makes the exterior and interior feel balanced, harmonious and in proportion. In turn, that gives an air of peace. You’ll notice that symmetry in Georgian architecture, from the windows and doors to floors and period features.

What is a modern Georgian style?

Themes from traditional Georgian design continue in contemporary modern Georgian interiors.

Focal point: One strong element that the eye is drawn to immediately. That could be a fireplace, symmetrical bookcases or alcoves or a chandelier for example.

Proportion: Consider scale in your home decor. Artwork or mirrors should take up 3/5ths of the wall space (leaving 1/5th either side).

Balance: Keep symmetry in window panes, panelling and floor tiles. In a dining room, ensure you have the same number of chairs either side of the dining table.

Keep these home interior principles, but incorporate current design elements. That could be modern artwork, vibrant fabrics, contemporary furniture or colour schemes.

LIVING ROOM WALLS & WOODWORK IN EGYPTIAN GREY™ NO.154 - @thecountryhousediaries

What are the most popular colours in modern Georgian interior design?

You may assume that the colour scheme would be elegant, refined, pale and muted. However, Georgian houses have the proportions that can work well with bolder, more daring colours too. In fact, wealthy Georgians liked to shock and show off with their colour schemes. Rich burgundy, lush green and pretty pinks were all popular.

That applies today too. An energetic colour scheme will emphasise the property’s personality. We recommend our warm mustard yellow Haymarket™ No. 47, the classic dark green of Messel™ and the nuanced blue grey tones of Long Acre™. Each colour brings the unexpected to a room.

In the late Georgian or Regency period, softer colours were used as well as the more daring. Calmer neutrals like Egyptian Grey™ No.154 and Honest John™ No.58 work well in modern-day Georgian homes.

Adding touches of gold to ornate period features like a ceiling rose bring a touch of opulence and luxury. It will also draw the eye upwards.

Egerton Place™ No.297 (Walls & Ceiling), and Egyptian Grey™ No.154 with FTT-001™ (Woodwork) - @thecountryhousediaries

Walls, Ceiling & Woodwork in Long Acre™ No.102, and Ceiling Rose in FTT-001™ - @thecountryhousediaries

What furniture is popular in modern Georgian homes?

Unlike the Victorian era which celebrated an abundance of furniture, Georgian interior design was slightly simpler, letting the harmonious architectural details shine. Remember the all important theme of balance. In larger living rooms, choose sofas that can be placed symmetrically. Similarly, choose chairs in equal quantities or of a similar weight to retain harmony in the living room or drawing room.

Thomas Chippendale started up at this time. He was inspired by neo-classical and Rococo styles. Look out for tables and chairs with curved legs or decorative details. Top tables with large, statement lamps and decorated vases to emulate this style.

In a modern home, it’s good to take a classic shape of furniture (such as a curved chair) but add a contemporary twist. That could be fabulous fabric upholstery for example. That idea retains the period property’s heritage whilst injecting some current style and personality. Upcycling furniture can be a great DIY project.

Modern Georgian bedroom ideas

To embrace the stature and heritage of the room, use rich and luxurious, but restful colours. Try heritage shades like London Plane No 200, a light olive green or Burlington Arcade No 216, a deep blue-green colour. 

In Georgian country houses and cottages, cottagecore style works well. Floral patterns, natural textiles and pretty ornaments complete the look.

Modern Georgian living room ideas

In a family home, a cosy living room style can be appealing. Create a calming vibe with cool wall colours like Kensington Rose No.22 or Egyptian Grey No.154. Often Georgian living rooms will have a focal point of a fireplace with distinct cornices, columns or a carved frieze. The walls provide a simple backdrop to that statement feature. Layers of warmth and interest can be provided by patterned textiles. 

However, if you want a living room with showstopping personality, be like the wealthy Georgians and go bold.

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