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Painting The Gallery REd: Dulwich red

Mylands are proud to announce a new bespoke colour to their collection ‘Dulwich Red’, specially made for the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Inspired by Sir John Soane’s ‘Pompeiian Red’ from his famous library, this rich, warm hue has been updated with a hint of terracotta to emphasise the light of Dulwich in the Gallery’s exceptional Enfilade.

WALLS IN Dulwich Red

With lockdown providing an opportunity for undisrupted renovations, Dulwich Picture Gallery seized the opportunity to rethink and fully refurbish the space. Months in the making, Dulwich Red was created by taking samples from the original paint-layers below the surface – testing the colour at different times of the day and working side by side with the gallery's curatorial team to produce the perfect shade to bring the space to life.

BACK WALL IN Maritime No.236

RIGHT WALL IN St Clement No.11

For those who fall in love with this Soane-inspired colour, samples of this exact shade (and those others also featured in the newly curated permanent collections) can be purchased from the Gallery’s shop and larger quantities directly through Mylands.