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Living room painted in Mylands’ Sella at the new home of Sella co-founders Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan

Mylands is pleased to share a new collaboration with Sella Concept on a bespoke paint colour, as well as the decoration of Sella co-founders’ personal home in Hampstead Heath. 

Partners in life and work Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan founded Sella, an interior and set design studio and branding house, over 5 years ago. Tatjana heads up the design and furniture design arm of the business, Sella Concept, while Gayle has established a sister branding studio, Sella ID. Known for its inspiring projects with creatively-minded brands, the relationship between Sella Concept and Mylands began with an award-winning design for a bar and restaurant based in South London (Piraña). When it came to decorating their new home, the couple turned once again to colour experts Mylands.

Bedroom walls and ceiling in Sella by Mylands. Living room walls and ceilings in Sella by Mylands

Creating Sella by Mylands

Having recently moved from Notting Hill to Hampstead Heath to be closer to nature, north London architecture and dip in the ponds throughout the year, Tatjana and Gayle knew that they wanted their new home to be an inviting space infused with colour. Their vision was to create a totally new neutral shade, imbued with a sense of warmth that is in tune with their individual tastes and unique to their home. To do this, they worked closely with the colour team at Mylands to develop the Sella neutral. The beauty of the colour lies in its subtle tonality; the spectrum of different tones come to the fore and recede depending on its surroundings and light, making it very versatile.

Using Sella in the main spaces as well as the guest bedroom has created a cohesive scheme that flows naturally, unifying the home and allowing their beautifully curated collection of art and furniture to shine. Some of the art is painted by Gayle as well as Tatjana’s mother, while the furniture collection includes antiques contrasted with contemporary pieces designed by Tatjana, such as the stools inspired by the ladies’ swimming pond and the recently launched dining table, Pontem.

Bedroom walls and ceilings in Mylands’ FTT-001™

To balance the creamy neutrality of Mylands’ Sella, the couple’s creative personalities are expressed through an inspired use of striking colour palettes in other areas within the home, producing a sense of drama and excitement. Mylands’ FTT-001™, a unique metallic gold colour, has been used to stunning effect in the master bedroom on both the walls and ceilings to envelop the space in a luxurious glow, with natural light beautifully highlighting the softly golden hue. This is juxtaposed with natural linens and Victor Pasmore’s abstract Art.

An accent wall in Mylands’ Wharf Sacking™ No.127 in the stairwell adds to the feeling of warmth throughout the house which they further developed with a yellow velvet cladded banister, while the Stockwell Green™ No. 203 in the kitchen references Hampstead Heath just beyond the windows, ensuring the natural world has a key part to play in their everyday lives.

Living room walls and ceiling in Sella by Mylands. Kitchen units in Mylands’ Stockwell Green™ No. 203. Hallway stair wall in Wharf Sacking™ No.127  and back wall in Sella, both by Mylands

Tatjana von Stein said: “Having worked with Mylands before, we knew that there would be no better partner to develop a beautifully neutral colour and help paint our new home. The rich, warm tones that we have created with Sella by Mylands provides a lovely background to our home and we are so thrilled with the overall feeling – all bought together through colour.

Dominic Myland said: “Sella creates stunning spaces that often embrace daring and bold colour schemes, so it was such a pleasure to work with Tatjana and Gayle on Sella by Mylands as well as their new home. Our colour experts thrive on a challenge, and coming up with the exact tone that would create the perfect neutral background while also remaining warm and inviting was a fantastic test. We are all delighted with the results. Seeing some of our bolder colours such as the FTT-001™ used in such an incredible scheme is also wonderful, and really encourages us all to think a little differently when it comes to our interior designs.”