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How to Embrace the Trend for Yellow Living Rooms

After such a wonderfully warm summer, the thought of darker days ahead may fill you with dread. We got rather used to that golden glow. So now is the time to keep that sunshine feeling year round with an injection of yellow paint in your home. Yellow living room decor is a positive statement and a joyful expression, and who doesn’t want joy and positivity in their lives?

Yellow may feel like a bold choice, but the many shades of yellow give it range and versatility. Modern living rooms feature golden yellow colours like rich ochre and mustard yellow or zesty lemon yellow and soft pastel tones.

Is yellow a good colour for living rooms?

The answer is definitely yes. Yellow has the power to warm up a cool space and to enhance natural light. Depending on the yellow hue, it will make a room feel uplifting in the daylight and cosy as night falls. Yellow home decor can create a truly inviting and welcoming feeling.

Here are some yellow living room ideas to help you find the yellow tones that work best for your home.

Upper walls in Honest John™ No.58, Lower walls in Haymarket™ No.47

Modern mellow yellow

Soft and elegant yellow decor can make a living room feel welcoming and comforting. It’s a traditional colour which can enhance period features, especially when paired with white.

A modern take is to combine pale yellow with vibrant, jewel tones. In this photo, Cornhill™ No.128 provides a mellow backdrop to the stronger colours in the textiles. It also incorporates the classic colour combination of pale grey (on the sofa) with warm yellow (on the walls).

Retro mustard yellow living room

Earthy tones have been a strong trend for a modern living room. With echoes of mid-century styling, natural shades like olive green, burnt orange and mustard yellow work together well. Paired with mid to dark woodwork, such as the coffee table in the photo below, it provides a stylish yet homely environment.

Walls in Limestone™ No.55 with mustard yellow furnishings

In this photo, the neutral walls (Mylands Limestone™ No.55) allow the dusky tones in the upholstery and textiles to stand out. The accent chair in olive green and the mustard yellow curtains add depth and warmth to the living room.

Mylands Freegrove Mustard™ is a bespoke colour that adds some real spice and heat to a room. It’s a more statement colour that is ideal as an accent wall or eye-catching contrast to neutral or black shades.

Vibrant bright yellow

If a blast of sunny brightness is what you want from a yellow paint, try Mylands Verdure Yellow No.148. It’s a vibrant yellow that brings fun, joy and positivity. As such, it can be used as a feature wall colour or as an accent colour on furniture, cabinets or shelving.

For a modern look, try a bold, vibrant yellow like Pimlico™ No.136 on your woodwork. It adds a blast of energy, interest and a bit of drama to a room. It’s a way of perking up an otherwise neutral room too.

Shelving in Pimlico™ No.136

Soft golden yellow

A pale, gentle light yellow doesn’t have to be reserved for the nursery. Of course, a soft yellow bedroom is gorgeous, but so is a soft yellow living space. Pale, golden yellow is a traditional, heritage colour for a living room or dining room.

Golden yellow colours can be layered to great effect. In this photo, Lemon Salts™ No.43 is used on the woodwork whilst Golden Square™ No.131 is on the walls. Both natural shades complement each other beautifully, creating a light and inviting space.

Sunny natural yellow

The colour of sunflowers and buttercups, yellow is a familiar and comforting colour. Used in a small living room, it will enhance the natural light and feeling of space.

However, you may not be ready to take the plunge with a fully yellow room. So try adding a splash of yellow to a white living space. That could be with the furnishings and accessories. Simply adding yellow cushions or a throw will make an impact.

A lovely idea is to create a warm and inviting reading nook in a room. Paint an alcove or shelving unit in buttercup yellow and it will draw you into that area.

Subtle neutral yellow

Yellow doesn’t have to be zesty and bold. It can be used as a subtle, neutral colour. It makes a softer, warmer alternative to white paint.

In this photo, the subtle yellow paint colour of Mylands Sella creates a stylish, grown up room design. Striking wall art stands out against the neutral paint colour behind it. Natural light streams into this room through the feature windows and this pale paint colour will enhance that.

Walls in Sella

Which colours go well with yellow?

We’ve already mentioned the versatility of the colour yellow and that means there are many other colours that pair well with it. Take a look at these yellow colour schemes.

• Yellow and pale blue - calm and reassuring
• Yellow and jewel tones - an elegant combination
• Yellow and pale grey - soft brightness
• Yellow and burgundy - be adventurous
• Yellow and dark blue - natural contrast
• Yellow and black - sleek and sophisticated
• Yellow and white - light and fresh

How to add pops of yellow colour

If the thought of fully yellow walls feels too bold, try some yellow accents. That could be a yellow throw, a yellow sofa, a yellow rug or yellow throw pillows. This is a simple way to update and liven up a neutral, white or grey living room for example. Dip your toe in this uplifting trend - even a small splash of yellow can make an impact.

Thinking of updating your living room? See our full yellow paint range here.