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The Transformative Power of Navy Blue Paint

Blue decor is having a moment, and for good reason. Blue is such a versatile colour that it can work anywhere in the house. It encompasses such a vast range of shades from subtle, light blues (such as sky blue or duck egg blue) to deep, dark blues (like navy blue or indigo). There’s an array of tones to choose from, but it's dark, navy blue that is making an impact right now.

The way that you use navy blue paint, and the paint colours that you combine it with, will create different moods and environments. Navy blue can be very traditional in style or, at the other end of the spectrum, it can be sleek and cool. Think about the effect you want to create and then try out some blue paint testers to determine which paint colours to add to your wishlist.

Traditional style

Did you know that dark, navy blue used to be the preserve of the wealthy, or even royalty? That colour pigment was extremely rare. It would be used in stately homes to signify wealth and status.

These days, you don’t need to be titled to use dark blue paint. But you can use it to transform your living space into a sophisticated and dignified room. Use gold or brass accessories alongside navy blue walls for a feeling of luxury. The soft sheen of these luxury metals against a flat matt blue wall makes an opulent impact. Flat matt emulsion is recommended for deep dark colours like this (rather than silk emulsion paint for example) as it disguises any imperfections in the wall.

Coastal chic

Nothing says nautical better than navy blue and white. It’s a classic, coastal pairing. White cabinetry, ceilings, shelving and skirting boards offset dark, navy blue walls perfectly. It looks clean and clear.

The picture below uses this colour scheme in reverse to amazing effect. See the navy kitchen paint on the units and doors, with a white sink, appliances, accessories and window frames to act as the contrast colour.

This colour scheme can look incredibly calming. Pale wood flooring and furnishings complete the look. If you love the beach house vibe, navy blue and white is the way to go.

Cabinetry and doorway in Mayfair Dark™ No.218

A Dramatic look

Dark, navy blue can be totally enveloping. That may sound scary for some, whereas others love the boldness. Embrace that feeling, and create a room that is dramatic and intense.

Using a deep, dark blue ceiling paint along with matching blue wall paint will merge the two entities, so it's less obvious where the wall ends and ceiling begins. It can make the room feel more of a cosy cocoon. That’s wonderful for a snug or living room. A top tip is to experiment with your lighting in dark rooms. Simply swapping lightbulbs will change the ambience.

Which colours work well with navy blue paint?

The obvious one is white. Team navy blue and white for a clean, contemporary scheme. But dark, navy blue also works well with lighter blues. Think duck egg blue, sky blue or even a light teal. These can create a very calming and serene vibe.

Navy blue with grey looks really sophisticated. Again, it’s the contrast of dark with light that works so well. Navy blue bathroom paint is one to add to your wishlist. Coupled with light grey accessories, it looks smart and sleek yet gives a nod to the ocean with its maritime tones. Try grey radiators, tiles or laminate flooring, soft furnishings and storage boxes for example.

Inky or navy blue works really well with dark wood and brass accents. It’s that traditional, opulent scheme that dates back centuries. It’s a great backdrop to an impressive piece of artwork for example. Use matt emulsion paint for a flat, yet colour-rich finish. Add marble or gold to up the feeling of luxury.

Pale greens pair well with navy blue for a natural feel. They depict the colours of the land and sky, the grass and sea. That can create an air of relaxation and familiarity. Navy blue and sage green is a great colour combination for a kitchen. It's worth noting that Mylands paints are incredibly durable, easycare and washable, meaning that they last well in busy rooms like a kitchen.

For a striking contrast, inject some bright pink or emerald green. Their bold hues stand out against the navy blue background. It could be a bright pink armchair or a green wardrobe - just enough to create a vibrant statement against the soft sheen of its dark surroundings.

Shelving in Blueprint™ No.50

Is navy blue the dark blue paint for you?

Dark blue paint

Bond Street™ No.219
With a name like Bond Street, you’d expect this paint to be sophisticated and it is. It’s strong and so dark it’s almost black. It works wonderfully as furniture paint on cabinetry. Teamed with white walls, kitchen cabinets in Bond Street™ No.219 look sleek and modern.

Observatory™ No.34

This deep, intense indigo paint colour is inspired by the night sky. It really makes an impact. It makes a wonderfully enveloping mood for a lounge or bedroom. Its unique colour is a mix of violet, dark blue and a touch of black.

Observatory™ No.34 would make an interesting alternative to black on a front door too. Choose the exterior paint for wood in an eggshell finish for the best effect.

Navy blue paint

Mayfair Dark™ No.218
Mayfair Dark™ No.218 is a rich navy blue paint. Interestingly, the navy blue has a red undertone to it as well. It can be used to amazing dramatic effect. If you want a more calming vibe, use white or a chalky, warmer white alongside it.

It’s said that blue can aid concentration, so this navy blue wall paint could make an ideal colour scheme for a home office or kids bedroom.

Alternatively, navy blue makes a big impact when used in the garden. Apply navy exterior paint to fences or railings to transform your outdoor space instantly. It's a relatively simple DIY task that makes a big difference. Plants really pop against the dark navy blue background.

Marine blue paint

Maritime™ No.236
This marine blue paint was inspired by the colours of Regent’s Park lake. We’re not talking pale, turquoise tropical seas here. It’s the colour of British, slightly stormy waters. Those tones make it dark and intense.

Proper Blue™ No.67
Proper Blue™ is vibrant and lively, bringing a wonderful energy to a space. It’s a deep cobalt dark blue paint comprising violet, green and a bit of black. The shade is reminiscent of the ocean and its mix of blue, green and dark grey tones. It works wonderfully as furniture paint on this staircase, bringing the passageway to life.

This ultramarine blue paint is bold, bright and vivid. It is really eye-catching, bringing strength and energy to the zone in which it’s used. It provides a real contrast when used alongside more neutral tones.

Cabinetry in FTT-018™

Dark, navy blue paint can transform a room. Whether you want to create an environment that is calm and serene; cosy and enveloping; or dramatic and enticing; navy blue paint has the power to bring that feeling to your space. Order yourself some sample pots and trial the interior paint on your cabinets, walls and ceilings to discover the blue hue for you.

Need some help choosing the right paint? Checkout Mylands' helpful advice section where you'll learn all about paint finishes, undercoat, woodcare, varnish, primer, all the product details and more.