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Pink outdoor paint: the 2024 exteriors trend

As the weather warms up and days get longer, our attention turns to our outdoor spaces. Whether that space is an extensive garden, a paved courtyard or a terrace, there are ample opportunities to brighten it up.

When decorating outdoors, it’s important to use the right paint. Exterior paint encompasses masonry paint, wood paint and metal paint (as well as wood stains and varnishes). Our exterior paints are formulated to be hard-wearing and durable. They are sprayable through an airless sprayer too. So, you’ll find the ideal formulation for garden furniture paint, decking, summerhouse or shed and other woodwork, railings and fences, and exterior walls and doors.

This year, more than ever, we’re getting bolder with garden colours. Flowers aren’t the only way to add variety, vibrancy and interest. There are many shades of garden paint colour and the one that’s guaranteed to bring cheer is pink.

Five ways to introduce pink to your outdoor area

A totally pink house with matching garden accessories is a pretty niche aspiration (unless you’re Barbie of course). But introducing touches of warmth, happiness and natural freshness with touches of pink exterior paint is a growing trend.

1. A warm pink front door

Changing the colour of your front door is an effective way of stamping your personality on your home. It can add to the property’s ‘kerb appeal’, as well as making it stand out from the crowd. It adds a distinct splash of colour.

A warm pink front door provides a welcoming, friendly vibe. It’s a vibrant contrast against a neutral exterior. Often, people are more comfortable with a bright door colour than they are with bold interior design. A cheery pink door will make your visitors and home delivery person smile as they press your doorbell!

2. A subtle pink shed

Move over white, beige and grey, subtle pink is our favourite new neutral. It adds freshness and lightness to the outdoor space. Pink tones feel softer and warmer than pure white. The pale pink will lift a dark corner of the garden, and provide a great backdrop for greenery. 

Use pale pink on an outbuilding, like a shed, summerhouse or garage. It’ll give a drab building new life. The inside might be a chaotic mess of DIY stuff like old spanners, hammers, hoses, power tools, light bulbs, random washers and screws and discarded emulsion, but the outside will look smart, stylish and attractive.

Not sure which pale pink is right for your shed? Order a tester and choose from near-white to pastel. Remember the shade will look different as light levels change, so test it with and without exterior wall lights and at various times of day.

3. Bright pink garden furniture

Revive tired, dull garden furniture with interesting, colourful exterior paint. A strong accent colour like deep pink will add brightness, fun and liveliness to the garden all year round. In the photo below, the pink furniture stands out and adds cheer to the surrounding grey, neutral colour palette.

Choose Mylands' exterior wood paint and select your desired finish - eggshell, gloss or matt. It’s durable and washable, essential qualities for garden furniture paint. The natural earth pigments used in Mylands paints make them even more sumptuous and rich in colour, as well as eco-friendly.

Mylands' Mortlake Red™ No.290 (seen on the garden furniture below) exemplifies this perfectly. It’s a rich, deep pink colour with red tones. Almost terracotta in hue, it’s a wonderfully earthy tone that’s perfectly suited to outdoor styling. Create a cosy, seating area around a firepit or with heaters and blankets, to invite you outdoors throughout the year not just in bbq season.

4. A floral pink wall

The colour of roses, peonies and cherry blossoms. Pink is a naturally occurring shade in a garden, so why not enhance it by adding more? Create a focal point by painting an exterior wall pink. It could be a boundary wall, a fence, trellis or the rear of the house.

In this photo, Mylands' Bloomsbury™ No.267 looks beautiful on the brick wall. It brings a rosy blush and an air of romance and sophistication.

Bloomsbury™ No.267 (Masonry Paint)

Adding colour to a section of the space will define zones - spaces for varying activities. The dining area, relaxation area, work space and play zone, all with distinct styles. Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular, for example. Create a zone for your bbq, pizza oven and worktop. Then add some shelves as you would indoors. Shelving is stylish and practical - used for herbs, cooking accessories and decorative candles.

5. A playful pink back door

If a statement front door feels too dramatic, have fun with the back door. The garden is the area for fun, relaxation and socialising, so a playful pink is the ideal choice.

Our paint colours are available as interior paint or exterior paint. Use touches of the same colour inside and outside to encourage a flow between the spaces.

Mylands' Pink House Pink™ paint, used on the door pictured, is a bespoke shade. As such, it’s perfect for those looking for individuality and an unapologetically pink paint colour.

Door in Pink House Pink™ - @pinkhouseliving

Tips on updating your outdoor space

Mylands exterior paint is suitable for wood and metal - it’s water-based, multi-surface paint. That makes it appropriate throughout your outdoor space, from wooden cladding and metal garden furniture to fences, sheds, trellis, decking, iron railings and beyond.

Painting your garden woodwork is a relatively simple DIY task. And the effect can be transformative. You can breathe new life into shabby, old garden furniture. Painting a wooden fence with striking colour adds definition and personality. Using bold colour outside modernises your garden instantly. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Filler: if your wooden garden furniture has some soft or rotten spots. You’ll need to use filler and/or sealant to repair them.

Priming: prepare the wooden surface, before painting. Sand off flaking paint and then dust before applying a primer. And yes, our primer does come in pink! Leave it until it’s touch dry, preferably overnight.

Fence paint: with 30 pink and red shades to offer, you’ll be sure to find the one for your home’s exterior. Rollers are ideal for fences, whilst a small paintbrush is better for intricate garden furniture. Adding colour to your fence can be a gamechanger. A dark shade looks stylish and frames your garden. It also helps your plants to really stand out with that as a backdrop.

We offer a range of brushes and rollers to fulfill all your needs when it comes to painting, so be sure to give them a browse before you start work. And, as ever, our paints are better for the environment than traditional paints too. They’re water-based with very low VoC, adhesive-free, with natural earth pigments and plant-based properties too.

Which shade of pink paint will you choose? Shop our full range of wood and metal or exterior masonry paint with a choice of gloss or matt finishes too. Find more details and answers to your FAQs