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Spring 2023 Colour Trends: What's In with the Mylands Colour Team

Mylands are excited to share our paint colour picks for Spring 2023. The team has identified a number of spring paint colour trends, as well as picking some of our own favourites to add some colour to your home.

Golden Square™ No.131

First on the list is Golden Square™ No.131, a warm and inviting shade of yellow that is perfect for spring. It's inspired by the bustling boutiques and bistros of Soho's Golden Square, and its slight orange undertones add a modern touch to this classic colour. Use it playfully or sparingly, this colour will add a bright and sunny feel to any room.

Primrose Hill™ No.201

Next up is Primrose Hill™ No.201, a vibrant green with a slight earthy umber undertone that's perfect for bringing a botanical feel to your home. This fresh and lively colour is ideal for spring, evoking images of freshly cut grass and new growth. It's a great choice for a feature wall or for adding pops of colour to your decor.

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268 is a fresh and delicate peachy shade that's incredibly versatile. Its yellow oxide and bright red pigment give it a punchy feel, while still maintaining a soft and delicate quality. This colour is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to any room and is a great choice for spring decor.

St James™ No.40

St James™ No.40 is a subtle green-toned off-white paint that gives a beautiful contrast to darker shades of green and earthy colours. Inspired by a wallpaper discovered in the St James's area of London, this colour feels natural and airy and is perfect for creating a fresh and light feel in your home this spring.

Cupboard in Messel™ No.39, Walls in St James™ No.40

Early Lavender™ No.260

Early Lavender™ No.260 is a traditional lavender colour that's always popular with designers. Its beautiful purple-pink tone adds colour and fun when paired with white and is a favourite for nurseries and bedrooms. This light pastel tone is perfect for bringing a touch of spring to any room.

Lambeth Walk™ No.210

Finally, Lambeth Walk™ No.210 is a vintage pale blue that has been popular since the 1950s. Its slight umber undertones and darkened green-black add depth and interest while still maintaining a fresh and sweet quality. This beautiful pale blue paint is perfect for creating a serene and calming feel in your home this spring.

With Mylands' Spring 2023 paint palette, you can easily infuse your home with the fresh and vibrant hues of spring. Our versatile and beautiful spring 2023 colour selections offer something for every style and preference, whether you're seeking to add a splash of colour or create a serene retreat. Or browse our full paint range to discover the perfect shade for your home.

At Mylands, we take pride in delivering eco-friendly, durable, and high-quality paint, and our team is always available to provide expert guidance and support. Don't wait any longer; start your home transformation today with Mylands' Spring 2023 paint trends palette.