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Spring Palette 2023

Spring Palette 2023

Mylands' Spring 2023 Palette is here! 🌱 This season, the palette is brimming with vibrant shades of yellow, green, and peach pink, and is balanced out with paler hues of blue, lilac, and off-white green to capture the essence of the season.

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Brushstroke of Early Lavender No.260, a Lavender Paint Early Lavender™ No.260
N o .260

Early Lavender™ No.260

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Brushstroke of Golden Square No.131, a Bright Orange Yellow Paint Golden Square™ No.131
N o .131

Golden Square™ No.131

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Brushstroke of Lambeth Walk No.210, a Pale Blue Paint Lambeth Walk™ No.210
N o .210

Lambeth Walk™ No.210

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Brushstroke of Peach Flesh Pink No.268, a Peach Pink Paint Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268
N o .268

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268

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Brushstroke of Primrose Hill No.201, a Forest Green Paint Primrose Hill™ No.201
N o .201

Primrose Hill™ No.201

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Brushstroke of St James No.40, an Off White Green Paint St James™ No.40
N o .40

St James™ No.40

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