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The Top 5 Kitchen Trends And Colours Of 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So your kitchen design choices are important. You want to evoke the most appropriate feelings - comfort and familiarity, calmness and balance or fun and drama to name a few. Your kitchen colour palette and design need to tick the boxes for practicality and personality. For example, is it durable and easy to clean, yet still show stopping and bold? 

Arguably, the kitchen space works harder than any other room in the house. The traditional kitchen was all about cooking, but contemporary open-plan kitchens go way beyond that. It’s the dining room, playroom, living space and home office as well as the traditional kitchen. So this real living room needs to meet your needs and make you happy.

Whether you’re looking to choose a whole new kitchen or remodel your current one, our guide will help to inform your interior design decisions. Here we reveal our top 5 colour and design trends for kitchens.

1. Green kitchens

After a turbulent couple of years during the pandemic, we’re looking for balance. And where best to find calmness? Nature. Green tones are familiar, comforting and reassuring. Our connection to nature is vital and helps to bring an air of calm and grounding.

Familiar shades like mint green and forest green can evoke feelings of renewal, rejuvenation and energy. They pair particularly well with wood and stone - natural materials to complement the outdoor look and feel. Think organic and sustainable elements and textures in particular. We know these elements complement each other in the natural environment, and they work as beautiful kitchen design ideas too.

2. Blue kitchens

Blue is a versatile choice with many shades to choose from. Deep blues remain prominent. Navy blue has become a popular choice of kitchen colour, particularly on cabinetry. It’s a smart, modern kitchen style. Teamed with white, it works as a coastal or a clean and classy decor style. In this photo, Mylands Bond Street™ No 219 is used on the shaker-style cabinetry to great effect.

This year, however, sky blue or baby blue is rising in popularity. It’s a soft and calming tone that adds serenity and freshness to a room. It’s especially good in dark or small kitchens as it adds natural light. You’ll see how light and fresh it looks on the wall pictured below with Mylands Morning Blue™ No.31.

3. Jewel-toned kitchens

If classic and muted tones don’t reflect your vibrant personality, it could be time to add some brighter colours. Bold colour pops add instant warmth and interest. If you want a talking point, and to make a statement, this is the kitchen trend for you.

We did say a ‘pop of colour’. Bold colour works best in a two-colour scheme - even if it’s offset by white walls, woodwork and kitchen flooring as a contrast colour.

A yellow kitchen, like the sunshine from which its derived, will boost the energy and positivity in the room. Add some zing with a citrus yellow (try Mylands Floral Street™ No.147) or warmth with a golden yellow (like Mylands Golden Square™ No.131.) Freegrove Mustard™ is totally on-trend and works in a traditional or more retro style of kitchen. This bespoke mustard yellow paint colour can be seen on the kitchen island and cabinetry in this picture.

Cabinetry in Freegrove Mustard™ (Wood & Metal Eggshell), Walls in Honest John™ No.58, Ceiling in Whitehall™ No.9

We’ve mentioned the popularity of blue and green kitchens already. Bright blues and greens work as bright accent colours too. Want to go bolder than sage green and subtle greens? The vibrant emerald green shade is set to be the big colour of the year. Royal blue is another hot shade that’s growing in popularity.

Inject these vivid shades as statement kitchen cabinet colours against white walls or black countertops for example.

4. Black kitchens

If you love contemporary kitchen ideas with minimalist style, you need to include black in your design choices. Impactful black cabinetry with sleek lines is a great choice. Our expert tip is to keep it matt rather than gloss for an on-trend, modern look. Pair it with metallic ovens, backsplashes, and finishes (like knobs, kitchen lighting and handles). Lighter worktops will provide a good contrast and prevent the living space from becoming overly intense.

Mylands Blackout™ No.41 is the ideal colour for a sleek, strong, near black paint. Mylands Downing Street™ No.10 is a true pitch black paint which is perfect for contemporary, minimalist design styles.

5. White kitchens

There’s no messing around with a white kitchen. It’s neat, practical and clean. All great qualities for your food preparation space. A white kitchen is light-enhancing and evokes a feeling of serenity. It can look very high-end.

The way to make it different this year is to add texture. That could be with a marble work surface with interesting veining pattern, or natural wooden elements like flooring, furniture or open shelving. The theme of natural elements and sustainability is key and homeowners are looking for more ways to incorporate them in their interior design choices.

Adding personality is a big concept this year. That can be done in so many ways - your favourite artwork on the walls, hand-picked accessories displayed on open shelving or even your storage solutions and larder configuration. These finishing touches will prevent your white kitchen from looking like a sterile showroom and will provide layers of interest.