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The de Gournay NYC Palette

To celebrate the relaunch of de Gournay's NYC showroom in June 2024, Mylands is delighted to have worked with de Gournay's Director, Hannah Cecil Gurney on creating a complimentary colour palette comprising of both existing and bespoke Mylands colours.

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Brushstroke of Burlington Arcade No.216, a Dark Green Blue Paint Burlington Arcade™ No.216
N o .216

Burlington Arcade™ No.216

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Brushstroke of Peach Flesh Pink No.268, a Peach Pink Paint Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268
N o .268

Peach Flesh Pink™ No.268

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Brushstroke of Mews Blue No.98, a Light Blue Grey Paint Mews Blue™ No.98
N o .98

Mews Blue™ No.98

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Brushstroke of Lots Road No.24, a White Rock Paint Lots Road™ No.24
N o .24

Lots Road™ No.24

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Brushstroke of Rothschild Street No.296, a Brown Magenta Paint Rothschild Street™ No.296
N o .296

Rothschild Street™ No.296

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Brushstroke of Walbrook No.142, a Light Cream Paint Walbrook™ No.142
N o .142

Walbrook™ No.142

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