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Wax and Polish Remover

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Removes wax, dirt and grime from floors and furniture prior to refinishing. Does not affect most original hard finishes. Cleans furniture before re-waxing. Removes bloom marks from waxed surfaces.

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Wax and Polish Remover is a blend of powerful solvents designed for professional use, to remove accumulated build-up over the years of grime and wax from lacquered surfaces.

It may also be used to remove accumulated grime from any interior lacquered or painted wooden surface, such as doors, frames, beams, banisters, etc. Wax and Polish Remover will not harm the original finish or patina.

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Product Benefits

Allow 24 hours minimum before application of refinishing materials to ensure the surface is completely dry.

Product Information

Wax and Polish Remover may be used with a soft cloth, but best results are obtained by using a pad of 0000 steel wool.

Soak the pad Wax and Polish Remover and squeeze out the excess, then work a small area at a time, gently washing in the direction of the grain of the wood.

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